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Yard Maintenance ServicesYard maintenance services can include many activities and it is helpful if you are clear with the company you are dealing with, what services you are looking for. We are going to list some of the many services that can be included in yard maintenance and it is up to the reader to determine what services they need to have. These services are often done by the homeowner themselves until something occurs that prevents them from continuing to do so. At that point, the work may seem overwhelming and they decide to move rather than arrange for yard maintenance services to be performed for them.

Yard Maintenance Services – Our List

Here is our list of services that we think a homeowner may want to consider:

  • Mowing the lawn
  • Edging the lawn along sidewalks and gardens
  • Adding fertilizer to the lawn
  • Raking grass clippings
  • Pulling weeds and / or spreading weed control material
  • Conducting lawn repairs to patches and areas where the lawn has died
  • Spreading mulch around garden areas
  • Transplanting shrubs and plants of various types
  • Trimming shrubs and plants
  • Raking leaves in the fall
  • Trimming trees and hedges as needed
  • Installing planters and flower pots in the spring; removal in the fall
  • Fence painting
  • Fence repair
  • Window painting
  • Watering lawns and gardens

This may seem like a long list. Consumers may not need all of the above functions that are needed. This will depend on the type of home they have, the size of the lot they have, and their interest in many of the things above that would require the types of yard maintenance services that are listed above. Not all companies will provide these services, so consumers may have to hire handyman yard maintenance personnel to perform these services.

Decide Which Yard Maintenance Services You Will Do

Consumers have a choice between what services they hire yard maintenance men for and those services or jobs they are going to do themselves. As long as you are healthy and physically able to do some of this work, why not do it yourself and save some money as long as you can do the work safely. As long as time permits and you are able, doing this work gives a person a sense of accomplishment, you are outside enjoying the sun and you have fun doing it. Painting windows is one area that many people avoid simply because they need to get up on a ladder and they find it awkward and perhaps a bit dangerous for them. This is the time to hire someone to do the work for you and avoid any potential accidents.

Fence Repair

Another area that many people will contract out to a yard maintenance company is fence repair and / or rebuild. This can be physically very difficult work and many people cannot seem to be able to handle this work. They may also not have the tools and just prefer to have someone do all of the work. They want to avoid getting into this kind of job. Building fences takes a bit of skill, however, most handyman can do it themselves.

Finally, one other area that anyone can do is watering your lawn. Most lawns need about an inch of water every week. Unless you have an automatic watering system, you will need to move the sprinkler around to make sure every area will be covered properly. Hiring yard maintenance men to do this work does not make sense in this example. If you are planning an automated watering system, a yard maintenance company might be willing to install one for you. However, this is also specialized work and consumers should first confirm their experience installing this equipment.

Yard maintenance services work can be relaxing and enjoyable. But if you do not have the time or just do not want to do the work, then hiring a yard maintenance company to do the work for you makes a lot of sense.


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