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Lawn Care and Snow Removal

lawn care and snow removalThis seems like an odd subject, lawn care and snow removal in the same post. Well it turns out that many companies that provide snow clearing services during the winter also provide lawn care services to their customers during the summer as well.  They may also provide landscaping services in addition to maintaining lawns etc.  Snow removal can include removing snow from driveways and sidewalks. They may also remove snow from the roof when it gets too deep on the roof. Lawn care includes cutting and trimming the lawn, adding fertilizer, and pesticides to kill the weeds. In some climates, the lawn must be skelped twice a year and the lawn re-seeded.  Fortunately, these areas typically do not have problems with snow.

Lawn Care and Snow Removal

We have written a number of pages on this site about lawn care and would urge readers to refer to these pages if you need information about hiring a lawn care company. Always ask for quotes and make sure that all of the services that you are looking for are listed and included in the price. If it is not there it is not likely to be provided to you.  We wrote several pages about the process of hiring lawn care companies and what to ask for. To summarize:

  • Have a contract
  • List all services
  • How often your lawn will be cared for
  • Prices for any additional services and materials
  • Price for services.

Try asking for Discounts

If they also provide snow clearing service in the wintertime, you might ask them for a discount. Based on using them in the winter as well as in the summer for your lawn care service. We have written many posts about snow clearing and reviews of snow blowers as well on a companion web site. A link to selecting a snow clearing service can be found by clicking here. If snow clearing is not something you need, you may also require fall and spring cleanup of your yard for example. These companies routinely provide all sorts of services during these slow periods in an effort to keep their people working and employed.

There are business advantages to providing both kinds of services. Anytime you can keep your business going all year round and keep your employees working is a good business move. Cultivate your clients to see what added business services you can offer them in all four seasons. Many customers will appreciate the fact that you are offering a discount to your most loyal customers and providing them excellent service at the same time.

We also suggest that you have regular conversations with your customer to make sure that they are totally satisfied with your work and willing to recommend you to other friends and neighbors. Advertising is expensive, but so are bad recommendations. They can rob your business of much-needed revenue and give you a bad name in the industry. By talking with your customer at regular intervals, you can find out just what they like about your services and those things that bother them and might prevent them from recommending your business to other customers.


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