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Lawnmower Safety and Mowing Tips

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Mow a new LawnPower lawn mowing equipment is so common that it is taken for granted. But power mowers are responsible for thousands of accidents yearly. Follow the guidelines below about lawnmower safety and mowing tips, along with those provided by the mower manufacture, and you can avoid becoming another injury statistic. An injury from a power lawn mower can be very painful and disabling for the rest of your life. Always follow safety rules when working on or operating a lawn mower. It could be your fingers, toes or even a hand that you lose if not careful.

Lawnmower Safety and Mowing Tips

Do not disconnect the manufacturers safety features and always keep in mind the possible dangers.

Many fingers have been lost by unclogging discharge shoes of rotary lawn mowers. Make a habit of turning off the power and disconnecting the spark plug before reaching into the clogged grass. Use common sense when mowing steep or uneven terrain. Check the stability of the mowere first, and be aware that a slipping lawn mower can injure both you and your lawn. Mow slight slope‘s either across or up and down. If there is a chance of slippage, tie a rope to the mower and more down the slope from the top. Perhaps the safest way to handle a slope is to plant  ground cover that does not need to be mowed.

Walk over the lawn area before mowing, looking for rocks, toys, sprinkler heads, and other possible obstruction’s.

Do not allow children to use a power lawn mower until they are strong enough and mature enough to handle the job.

Lawn mowing hints

Don’t cut wet grass. It causes uneven mowing, the clippings are messy, and they can matt and block light from getting to the grass. There’s also the danger of slipping on wet slopes.

Pick up stones and sticks before mowing.

Alternate mowing patterns. Mowing the same direction every time tends to compact the soil and causes wear patterns. If you are using a reel mower, give the lawn an attractive checkered finish my mowing it twice, traveling in opposite directions.

Check the blade height by measuring the grass after cutting.

Sharp turns with a mower can cause uneven cutting. Make wide turns or take advantage of sidewalks and driveways, but be aware of rocks or debree on pavement areas.

If the ground is uneven in some areas because the soil is settled, be careful not to scalpe the high spots.

For more lawn mower safety suggestions, click here.

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Can you jump start a lawnmower Using your Car Battery?

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Jump start a lawnmower

We recently received a question from a reader? Can you jump-start a lawnmower using your car battery? The answer is yes, with conditions! First of all, your lawnmower must have a battery and an electric start capability. This rules out many lawnmowers. Operators need to check the manual to be sure that this can be done. There should be instructions on how to proceed.

If you do not have a manual, find one online for your lawnmower. Your car’s battery is 12 volts, which means you can only connect to another battery that is 12 volts. Make sure your lawnmower battery is also 12 volts.

Can you jump-start a lawnmower Using your Car Battery

Once you have confirmed that both batteries are 12 volts, you can connect them using proper jumper cables. Always connect positive terminals together and negative terminals together. Never connect positive to negative.

Now that they are connected, your lawnmower battery will be charging. Try starting the engine. You should only crank the engine for 5 or 10 seconds at a time. More than that, it can damage the starter motor or the battery.

If the engine does not start, you may have more serious problems. Start by disconnecting the jumper cables. Then, check that there is gasoline in the fuel tank. Add if necessary.

Next, check the spark plug. Remove it from the engine using appropriate tools. If it is corroded, either clean it up or replace it. Reset the gap to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Try restarting the engine using jumper cables if necessary. If it still does not start, you may have more serious problems and should consult a mechanic.

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Injuries to Children from Lawn Mowers

June 21st, 2011 ernie Posted in Lawn Mower Safety 1 Comment »

Injuries to Children from Lawn MowersInjuries to Children from Lawn Mowers are on the rise, however if you follow a few simple safety precautions these injuries are easily preventable. Adults are responsible for the safety of themselves as well as their children. The majority of accidents involve an adult. Protect our children as well. Keep them well away from operating lawn mowers to keep them safe.

In 2010, about 253,000 people were treated for lawn-mower-related injuries; nearly 17,000 of those involved children under age 19, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Lawn mower injuries are up 3% in 2010 compared to 2009.

You can easily prevent lawn mower injuries to children by keeping children inside the house. Or under direct supervision of another adult whenever a lawn mower is being used.

Keep anyone including adults away from running lawnmowers other than the operator. Create a danger zone of 20 feet around the mower. Shut the machine  down if anyone gets within that distance.

Many lawn mower  injuries require a team of doctors from various specialties to treat and repair severely damaged limbs. Many patients must go through painful reconstructive operations for months or years. They recover some semblance of their former abilities and even then it generally is not 100% recovery.

Tips to Avoid Injuries to Children from Lawn Mowers

  • Children should be at least 12 years old before they operate any lawn mower and at least 16 before they are allowed to operate a riding mower.
  • Instruct everyone on how to use a lawn mower.
  • Children should never be passengers on riding mowers.
  • Operators of mowers should wear safety shoes, not sandals.
  • Keep young children at a safe distance from the area being mowed.
  • Adults should pick up stones, toys, and other debris from the lawn to prevent them from becoming flying objects that could cause injury.
  • Mowers should be used that have a control that stops the machine from moving forward if the handle is released.
  • Never pull backward or mow in reverse unless absolutely necessary, and carefully look for others when going backward is necessary.
  • Use Eye and hearing protection while mowing.
  • Lawn mowers can cause serious eye injuries. Wear polycarbonate protective eye wear.

Injuries to Children from Lawn Mowers – Prevention of Injuries

It is really up to the operator to make sure that while you are operating a lawn mower you do so in a safe manner.

A significant number of “devastating injuries” occur to children and adults that can be life-changing events. Loss of a limb – hands and feet can change your life forever. Broken and dislocated bones, deep cuts, missing fingers and toes, limb amputations, burns, and eye injuries” caused by lawn mowers are just a few of the injuries that are possible.

Lawn mowers have many safety devices on them today, however many people still try to circumvent them. This is only asking for trouble and potential injury. Use common sense when running a lawn mower and if it feels unsafe, then it probably is! For more information on Lawn Mower safety, click here.



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