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Can you jump start a lawnmower Using your Car Battery?

Jump start a lawnmower
We recently received a question from a reader?  Can you jump start a lawnmower using your car battery? The answer is yes with conditions! First of all your lawnmower must have a battery and have an electric start capability. This rules out many lawnmower. Operators need to check the manual to be sure that this can be done. There should be instructions on how to proceed.

If you do not have a manual, find one online for your lawnmower. Your cars battery is 12 volts which means you can only connect to another battery that is 12 volts. Make sure your lawnmower battery is also 22 volts.

Can you jump start a lawnmower Using your Car Battery

Once you have confirmed that both batteries are 12 volts you can connect them using proper jumper cables. Always connect positive terminals together and negative terminals together. Never connect positive to negative.

Now that they are connected your lawnmower battery will be charging. Try starting the engine. You should only crank the engine 5 or 10 seconds at a time. More than that can damage the starter motor or the battery.

If the engine will not start you may have more serious problems. Start by disconnecting the jumper cables. Then check that there is gasoline in the fuel tank. Add if necessary.

Next check the spark plug. Remove it from the engine using appropriate tools. If it is corroded either clean it up or replace it. Reset the gap to the manufacturers specifications.

Try restarting the engine using jumper cables if necessary. If it still will not start you may have more serious problems and should consult a mechanic.


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