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best lawn care companyWe are thinking about hiring a lawn care company and wondering how to go about finding the best lawn care company? This website is primarily about lawnmowers, the types, repairs, and maintenance and lately, we have branched out to look at how to maintain lawns and keep them looking golf green ready all year long. So what would be more natural than to look at how to find the best lawn care company. There are several lawn companies operating in our area and we have used several in the past to spread fertilizer on the lawn and spread weed control material on the lawn, but not to really look after our lawn in a serious way. We were actually not that satisfied with their services.

What Criteria Would You Use to Select the Best Lawn Care Company

These are the criteria that we are going to use and wondering if anyone has additional criteria that we should be considering? Let us know. Here they are:

  • Price
  • Personalized service
  • Grass cutting schedule
  • Edge Trimming
  • Fertilize frequency
  • Weed control
  • Grass thickening
  • Soil analysis and recommendations
  • Water moisture analysis
  • Reputation and references
  • Shrub trimming services

This may seem like a lot and we are not sure that we actually want all of these services, but we thought we would start with this list and see what kind of responses we get to each item along with the prices quoted. Personalized service is a big item for us. We want the same guy looking after our lawn all of the time so that he or she gets to know our lawn and will take great care or better care of the lawn vs random people showing up to cut the lawn.

Grub Problems

We also have a grub problem and a small weed problem. Turns out that the grubs will emerge soon as the adults and then the adults will lay eggs. We cannot put any grub control on the lawn until the middle of July, since it really will not work on them until them. The grubs will emerge in July and grow over the summer and fall. We are planning to spray the lawn as soon as we can to control the grubs and the weeds. This is something that I would really like a lawn care company to take control of.

The grubs live on the roots of the grass. In dry periods your grass dies because there are no roots to absorb any moisture that is left in the ground. In addition, raccoons can smell the grubs. They in turn dig in your lawn and root up the grass leaving ugly patches of grass that will also die. You can easily lose your lawn if you are not careful. We are going to apply a grub killer this year and hope for the best. We have the liquid kind. Apparently you should apply this in the rain so that it is absorbed by the ground. It should get deep enough to kill the grubs. It seems to work since we have applied this now for two years and no more problems with raccoons digging up our lawn.

Let us know what you think about these requirements and if there is anything else that we should be considering when hiring the best lawn care company.


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