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Home owners who are looking for the best lawn care companies should really review several companies, ask for references, visit properties that are being maintained by the short list of companies that you are considering and sign a contract with the company that you end up selecting. There are a lot of issues in that first sentence. We will expand a bit more on each of the topics. If you have questions please leave a comment and we will try to address your question on this post.

Choosing the Best Lawn Care Companies

Review Several Companies – at the minimum you will want to interview at least three companies. Compare the prices offered for the lawn care services that you are looking for. You may be surprised that the services offered will vary. The prices for those services will vary a great deal as well. Always ask them for exactly the same services. Request that they meet those requirements or state those that they do not offer. They should also indicate the individual price for each service as well as a total price. This provides more information to compare to.

Short List Companies – once you have your list of companies, narrow your list down to two or three companies. Focus on negotiating a deal with both companies before selecting the one that you are comfortable with.

Request references and Follow up – you should request references from all companies when you talk to any company that you are considering. Ask for the addresses. Ask for names and phone numbers of the people who own these homes. You may want to visit these homes to see how their lawns etc look. As well as speak to them to see how satisfied overall they are with the services. If you can and if the people you are speaking with have the same services, talk to them about the individual services that you are considering. Thank them for their comments. Privately evaluate their comments in relationship to your own assessment of quality and detail that is needed for your lawn.

Visit Several Properties

As mentioned at least visit the properties that have been provided as references for the best lawn care companies that you are considering. You can learn a lot by looking at other properties maintained by the company that you are considering hiring.

Sign a Contract – this is always a must. This is all about clear communication, avoiding misunderstandings and assumptions that get us all in trouble at one time or another. Specify all of the services that you are considering, the price, how often they will be completed and the anticipated quality level if you can clearly cover this. Contracts are an excellent communications device since it clears up any assumptions. Once you hire the company reconfirmed the services the first day they are there to do any work for you.

Follow Up and Monitor – always follow-up and monitor the work that is being completed for you. It let’s the contractor know that you are interested and paying attention. Make sure that the people doing the work know what is in the contract and understand what is required. If there is any disconnect, review your contract with the foreman to make sure that there is clarification with the people doing the work.

All of this sounds like over kill for a simple lawn care company contract, however this is the best way to avoid any future problems and help you find the best lawn care companies. Consumers can avoid many issues by simply following through with this sort of approach to the best lawn care companies.

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