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Yard Machines 139 CC 22inch Self Propelled

I just followed my own advice from the last post and managed to purchase a new lawnmower at a considerable discount at Lowes. Unfortunately, there are no more Yard Machines 139 CC  22inch Self Propelled left at the store I went to but you never know if there will be others. There were about 5 lawnmowers left when i bought mine.

The curious thing is that I cannot find it on any website, even the manufacturers. It is very similar to the Model 44M9 on the Yard Machines website, however, it differs in three major areas. Yard Machines 139 CC 22inch Self PropelledFirst, it is a 22-inch wide lawnmower and secondly, it does not have a rear bag attachment for catching the grass. You can either use this lawnmower as a mulcher or a side discharge, which is fine with me.

The last major difference that we could see is that it has an old fashion choke instead of an auto choke. The picture on the left is exactly the same as mine, without the grass catcher on the back.  It works fine, you just have to remember to open the choke when you start it cold and close the choke once it is running. The choke is located on the push bar handle within easy reach.

This is a really great lawnmower. I have cut the lawn several times and really enjoy the self-propelled feature and also not having to bag the grass! Here are the specs for the machine we purchased.

Yard Machines 139 CC 22inch Self Propelled – Specifications:

  • 139cc MTD PowerMore™ OHV engine
  • AutoChoke – no priming. Just pull and start.
  • Overhead valve engines run more efficiently and produce fewer emissions than the standard L-Head engines.
  • 22″ deck
  • 9 position individual wheel height adjustment
  • 8″ wheels

Engine: The engine is a 139cc MTD PowerMore™ OHV engine

Propulsion: This is a Front-wheel drive self-propelled machine

Warranty: This lawn mower comes with a 2-year limited warranty.


  • 22″ deck
  • Front-wheel drive self-propelled
  • Mulch or side discharge
  • Durable automotive style powder coated paint
  • Bottle of oil included

Description of the Yardman 139 CC 22inch self Propelled Lawn Mower

We are very satisfied with this lawnmower. It starts the first time every time. It is easy to steer and control with the self-propelled feature and it mulches the grass very well. I usually keep the self-propelled feature engaged and just lift the front wheels a bit if I need to slow down or turn a corner. This lawnmower is 22 inches wide, which is 2 inches wider than my old lawn mower and I do not have to bag the grass either. I save a lot of time as a result and I am saving on the cost of paper bags which we fill each week and put out to the curb. Saves me money and saves the city the cost of having to pick up my grass clippings!

All I had to do was add the oil to the engine from the bottle of oil that was included with the lawnmower, fill the gas tank with regular gasoline and start it. I have checked the oil level a few times since and it is still at the right level and clear as to when I first put it in.

Delivery: Most lawn mowers can be picked up in the store, however, if you do not have the means to take it home yourself, delivery usually can be arranged for a delivery charge. You may want to consider borrowing a trailer or a van to bring home your lawn mower and avoid the delivery charge.

I was able to just get the box into my trunk with the trunk lid left open. Fortunately, I did not have too far to go to get home.

Safety & Operation

All lawn mowers should be treated with respect. They are powerful machines and in the wrong hands can do a lot of damage. Start by reading the manual and following all of the safety guidelines outlined in the manual. Never work on the lawnmower without first ensuring that the engine is turned off.

While cutting the lawn and using the side discharge, never allow anyone to stand beside the discharge or point the discharge at something that could be damaged by high-speed flying objects ejected from the lawnmower.

Always check the engine to make sure that there is sufficient oil in the engine before starting each day. Top up if necessary.  Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cool. A good time to do this is before you start cutting the lawn. Spilled fuel can sometimes cause fires. If you do spill any fuel, wait until it evaporates prior to starting the engine to avoid any chance of fire. Always fill the fuel tank outdoors.

Shut the engine off before removing the rear bag to empty it of grass or making any other kind of adjustments to the lawnmower.

Yard Machines 139 CC Maintenance:

The maintenance of the lawnmower is pretty straightforward. Read the guidelines in the manual and follow them.  Arrange to have your engine tuned up once a year and the oil changed at the same time. This applies to most consumer applications where you are cutting your lawn once a week. If you are using the lawnmower for commercial applications you may need to change the oil more often.

Keep the housing free of debris to avoid the acid from the grass causing the housing to deteriorate. Also, keep grass from building up around the muffler to avoid the possibility of fire. Check the spark plug to ensure that it is not corroded and dirty. Replace if it is pitted. Always use clean fresh gasoline for your lawnmower. Following these tips and others in the manual will ensure that your lawnmower will last for many years.

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  3. Need to know the valve setting for the intake and exhaust valves on the yardman 139cc ohv engine

  4. Try this site for the instructions to set OHV valves.

  5. Dave DirkmanN Says:

    Is the 139 cc OHV a two cycle or four cycle

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