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Best Time to Buy a Lawnmower

Best Time to Buy a Lawn MowerLate summer is the Best Time to Buy a Lawnmower from any of the major stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, Canadian Tire, Sears, and many more. There is not a single store owner who wants to get stuck carrying old inventory over to another season. If they have not sold all of their product by now, they are ready to place major sales on lawnmowers and in fact all lawn products. If you have been holding off, now is the time to make a purchase! Watch for sales in the newspaper, flyers that come around to your door. Also just go into the store and talk with a salesperson to learn when sales will be starting.

Replacing my Old Lawnmower

My 32-year-old Craftsman lawnmower just quit. Now I really like to fix things. However this time it was beyond what I could do myself. So I had to bite the bullet as they say and purchase a new lawnmower. Before I talk about my new lawnmower and the great deal I got, I just want to mention that my old one was in great shape. The housing was solid as were the wheels. I think the engine was as well. However, it really needed a tune-up and that meant taking it to a mechanic. It might have cost me $50 to get it fixed. But would you spend $50 on a lawnmower that is 32 years old? It did not owe me a thing. I was very happy with it while it worked, but it was time to change.

Best Time to Buy a Lawnmower on Sale

On top of all of that, I only had to pay $216 for a 22-inch Yardman lawnmower. It also has 2-n-1 features, self propelled 139 cc mulching lawnmower. That was more than $80 off the price they were charging a week earlier. The prices are coming down! Now I might have done a bit better had I waited until the end of August. However, the selection might be more limited.  I might not have been able to find a lawnmower at all. So now is the time to buy when the sales are on. As a result, there is still some selection to choose from!

The Yardman model we purchased is a 2-N-1 self-propelled mower with a Powermore OHV engine, front-wheel drive ( which by the way is much easier to maneuver than a rear-wheel drive, in the writer’s opinion), with either side discharge or mulching configuration. It does not have a grass catcher, but that is ok because I am more than happy to not have to fill grass bags and put them out to the garbage every week!

There is a choke on this engine so you do not have to prime it to start it, but you do have to set the choke when the engine is cool.  The wheels are all the same being 8-inch in diameter. The wheels can also be adjusted to select one of 6 positions in height. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty and because I used my credit card, I will get another year added on. I was offered a one-year extension of the warranty for a small fee, however, I get free extensions on my credit card so did not take this insurance.

Does Anyone have One of these Machines?

I am really looking forward to trying out this lawnmower and will provide an update on how I like or dislike the machine in my next post. If anyone has one of these machines, I would appreciate your comments, positive or negative.

So far I am really satisfied with this lawnmower. I have discovered that it is not as well built as my craftsman lawn mower and will probably not last as long as it did, however for the price I paid for the lawnmower it is ok.  I am really happy about not having to bag the grass any longer and since I take good care of my lawnmowers, chances are it will last a long time.

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