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John Deere Lawn Mowers

John Deere Lawn MowersJohn Deere lawn mowers are well-known for construction equipment, farming equipment as well as forestry and residential products. They provide parts and repairs across North America and there is usually a John Deere dealer not far from many businesses and homes across the country. In addition many 3rd party dealers also carry John Deere residential products for sale to urban customers. These include lawn mowers, garden tractors and much more from places like Lowes and other major stores. They are a very popular line of equipment and many consumers as well as businesses use their products!

John Deere provides a full product line of equipment including lawn mowers, riding mowers, attachments, utility tractors, zero turn mowers, utility vehicles, walk behind mowers, self propelled mowers, trimmers, blowers, saws as well as home work shop equipment. Just about everything you need for maintaining your landscaping can be found in John Deere’s product line of lawn equipment.

John Deere Lawn Mowers – Support & Recalls

John Deere lawn mowers are well supported with excellent parts availability across the country as well. You can check their website for their products, sales events and even specials that they have available from time to time. Their site will also assist you in finding the right product for your landscaping requirements.

Safety recalls for their products, including John Deere lawn mowers can also be found on the John Deere web site as well. Don’t forget to read about some of the safety considerations that everyone should be aware of when operating lawn equipment regardless of whether it is a John Deere lawn mower or someone else’s lawn mower.

We also are reviewing a number of John Deere lawn mowers on this site. For example the John Deere JS46 lawn mower was recently reviewed on our blog as was the John Deere JS36. This entire blog is aimed at providing information about lawn mowers and lawn management to our readers so that we can all enjoy a beautiful lawn and be the envy of the neighbors.

Four Step Process

A quick comment about looking after your lawn. There is a four step process to ensuring your lawn looks great all year round. Here are the steps that everyone can easily follow:

  • Fertilize 4 times a year
  • Mow your lawn whenever it has grown a half inch to one inch
  • Keep your lawn clear of weeds and other debris such as leaves
  • Water your lawn with one inch of water once a week

The above may need to be varied depending on the climate you live in. For example anyone living in the desert who wants a green lawn is going to have to water their lawn every day. In particularly dry climates even twice a day to avoid the lawn becoming dried out. The hot sun will burn the lawn within a couple of hours if the earth is not kept moist with  lots of water to feed the roots. In addition specific grasses can only be grown in hot climates vs. climates that are cooler and receive more rain. Talk to your lawn care specialist from your lawn care company. They can provide local information about the proper grass seed and the fertilizer. Apply lots of water to ensure you have a healthy looking lawn all year around.

Any comments are also welcome on our blog as long as readers will find them informative and helpful. On specific lawn mowers we have seen very positive comments as well as negative comments about certain types of lawn mowers. Many people do not take the proper care of their lawn mowers and run into problems as a result. Spam comments will be deleted.

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