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John Deere Lawn Mower JS36

The John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 comes with a 190 cc Briggs and Stratton engine, the work horse of the small engine industry. The engine is equipped with zone start recoil rope starting system which is one of the many John deere lawn mower JS36safety features on this self propelled lawn mower. Operators must be standing behind the lawn mower with the zone lever depressed in order to start the engine. The engine automatically stops when the zone lever is released. This safety measure prevents the operator from accidentally getting in the way of the cutting blades of the lawn mower.

The carburetor starts without the need for priming or choking. Fill the fresh start fuel cap with fuel stabilizer. Therefore the gasoline is always fresh for easier starting and smoother running. The engine meets all California Air Resources Board ( CARB) requirements.  The engine also uses a dependable splash lubrication system to protect all of the engines parts from wear.

Mowmentum Drive System

The momentum drive system is an excellent feature of the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36. The pivoting handle  controls how fast the self propelled lawn mower will go based on the angle of the handle. The speed varies from zero to 3.8 miles per hour. If you prefer a constant speed you can also lock in the speed with a a drive lock key, located on the MowMentum drive handle.

The 22 inch steel deck comes with a 3 in one blade allowing the operator to chose between mulching, side discharge or rear bagging.  The rear bag, the mulch cover and the side discharge deflector are all standard. The 22 inch deck is stamped from 14 gauge steel.

John Deere Lawn Mower JS36 – Specifications:

  • 190 cc or 11.6 cubic inch displacement
  • 7 pound foot of torque Briggs and Stratton Engine
  • 4 cycle side valve
  • 22 inch steel deck
  • 3 in 1 discharge
  • 8 inch by 2 inch front , 9 inch by 2 inch back wheels

Engine: 190 cc or 11.6 cubic inch displacement,4 cycle side valve,Briggs and Stratton Engine

Propulsion: Variable speed , rear wheel drive

Warranty: 2 year warranty


  • Throttle control is fixed speed
  • Operator presence
  • Zone control
  • Side discharge, mulch, rear bag 2.5 bushels
  • One lever adjusts all four wheels

Description of the John Deere Lawn Mower JS36

The side discharge on the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 is esy to install. Just flip up the cover on the side of the deck to install the deflector and distribute the grass on the lawn. Projectiles are prevented by the deflector from being flung distance from the lawn mower.

Change from one mode to another in minutes without tools. The rear bag grass catcher  holds 2.5 bushels  and attaches easily at the back of the self propelled lawn mower.

Adjust the height of the cut easily by adjusting one lever to adjust all wheels . Choose from  cut heights from 1.2 inches to 4.2 inches. If you plan on mulching, the longer the grass the better since it conceals cut grass until it degrades and returns the nutrients to the lawn.  John Deere feels that a cut height of 3 to 4 inches is the best height for mulching.

The handle bar is wide for comfort. Depress the Zone control lever for starting and continuous running. The engine speed runs at 3350 rpm to ensure smooth operation. The handle bar also has 3 height adjustments to match your comfort level.  Adjust the height without tools. Fold the handle down for compact storage and also for transport in your vehicle or trailer.

Price and Delivery

The price of the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 was $399 US at the time of this review.

Delivery: Consumers purchase the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 at John Deere dealers throughout the US . Customers can arrange for in store pickup or they can arrange for delivery. Delivery will be at an extra charge and customers may want to make alternate arrangements for delivery.

Lawn Mower JS36 Safety & Operation

Operation of the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 is pretty straight forward. Always start the engine using the zone control and never circumvent this control to prevent accidents.  This is one of the most significant safety additions to lawn mowers  to prevent unneeded accidents.

Read the manual before you operate the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 for the first time to become familiar with all of the controls and general operation. Check the oil each time you use the mower and top up if needed. Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cold. Wait until it has evaporated before you start the engine to avoid the possibility of fire.

After finishing for the day, clean off the deck on the upper and lower side removing any debris and grass clippings. A clean deck will ensure that your deck lasts for many years and does not corrode over time.

Lawn Mower JS36 Maintenance:

Maintenance of the John Deere self propelled Lawn Mower JS36 consists of changing the oil at regular intervals. Always follow the guidelines in the manual. Keep the deck clean at all times, and arrange to sharpen the blade at least once per year.

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40 Responses to “John Deere Lawn Mower JS36”

  1. Reynaldo Drzewiecki Says:

    I came across your site while searching for more information about my John Deere tractor. Although the post wasn’t exactly what I was looking for (and no idea why Google sent me to this article), it’s nice to find a website with good info.

  2. The worst John Deere lawnmower I have ever owned. It will not bag even remotely thick grass. Do not spend your money on this. I thought maybe a different pitch on the blade might help with bagging but John Deere uses proprietary blades with no other options. This lawnmower is not a good deal at any price because of this. I have resorted to calling it my Don Jeere because of it generic nature. Way to go Don Jeere!

  3. This is a terrible machine! I have owned my JS 36 just under a year. My mower was hard starting just after 2 months and had to take it back to the dealer. They did fix the mower and replace the choke part. They then charged me an additional 20 dollars because they had to dump the fuel out to make sure it wasn’t my fault. I then get the machine back and then the drive belt breaks. I take the mower back to the dealership and after 4 weeks it was ready for pickup. I go to pick the mower up and they want to charge me 120 dollars. I then explained that it had a two year warranty and they finally dropped the charge. They then said the mower is hard starting and should start on the 1st or 2nd pull which never has since the 1st day of purchase. They wanted me to pay 20 dollars again, because they had to dump the fuel out and put more in it. I said no! I am not paying for that and that the mower will not start on the 1st or 2nd pull with their gas. They doubted me, so we walked over and I watched the man pull the cord 4 times to get it to start. They then tried to tell me that the idle just needed adjusted which has nothing to do with the choke!I finally got all my charges dropped and am stuck with a 400 dollar piece of crap.

  4. This John Deere lawn Mower js36 is without a doubt the worst mower I have ever purchased (from Lowe’s by the way). I could tolerate a bit of hard starting, but I have had this less than three months of this season and am ready to trash it literally. $450 down the drain. Idle speed (which I can’t adjust) quit working so that the whole thing shakes and I can’t tell you how may bolts have come loose and I have had to replace. Wheel levels malfunctioned because bolts came out. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

  5. Engine on the John Deere lawn mower js36 is very unreliable. I’ve had the mower in the shop 4 times since buyinger Spring 2010 all because the engine stopped running. They replaced the choke mechanism once and also the entire carburetor another. I continue to have issues where the engine just dies and has to set before it will restart. I’ve owned numerous push and riding mowers over the years and this has been the least reliable. My wife and I joke, “nothing doesn’t run like a Deere”

  6. Lawn Sweepers Says:

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  7. This is the worse lawn mower i have ever owned. Same as the hundreds of posted i am finding now, it takes 20-30 pulls to get it to start when cold. John Deere customer service is useless. Why would a company with such a good rep put their name on something that is junk

  8. This lawnmower is horrible. Mine won’t start and it is less than a year old. I thought by something with a good name it would work, it doesn’t. I will look elsewhere for a riding mower now that we are moving to the country. I will avoid anything green.

  9. sure glad I don’t have THESE guy’s luck!!! I’ve had mine now since 2009 and have had nothing but good things to say.. I live in FL and have to cut every 5 or 6 days in summer and once a month in winter.. NEVER have had a problem.. Even if I have to pull start when I run the battery down.. fist pull and off it goes.. Got mine at Lowe’s also.. I’d buy another in a heartbeat!!!

  10. I am a small engine mechanic. I was given a two year old JS36 for free. previous owner said the motor was bad. I ran it and within a short while of knocking the motor self destructed. i took the motor apart only to find the piston had cracked and the ring gouged the cylinder wall. After fully dissasembling the now trashed motor i discovered that it was overheated, the crankshaft was bent, and ran with low oil that had water in it. OWNER ABUSE was the cause of death. If the oil had ever been changed, and this motor taken care of it it wouldnt have blown up, but then again i wouldnt have wound up with a good mower chassis so it all works out for me.

    Briggs and Stratton has manufactured he same 190CC motor for over a decade now, so i removed the 190CC motor from my 2002 craftsman pushmower (non self propelled) and installed it on the JDeere with the Deere carb, magneto, shrouds, choke, etc. starts first pull now, and so far i have had no trouble.

  11. Wow, I love mine and haven’t had an ounce of trouble after 2 years. I have over 2 acres of lawn and use this on the hard areas, slopes that make me uncomfortable on a my tractor, and probably still equates to more then most use theirs on their lawns. My son even used it to cut lawns in another neighborhood to raise money and the nly thing it cost was gas, oil and time to sharpen the blades. Sorry others are having prblems, but considering this was a successful selling model I imagine others are pleased with it as well.

  12. My deere js36 is a bit hard to start, but it has more to do with my arm more than the mower. I just roll it away from me while I pull the cord. It usually starts 2nd or 3rd pull. It is a long pull cord. I do like the 7 Hp. The drive cable broke due to a crimp in the cable when it was in the box. The one lever height adjuster is a great idea. I wondered why I didn’t think of it. The MowMentum gizmo to drive it with the handle moving upward is weird. It’s too fancy by half. It should just be another bar under the handle, that’s an elegant design. Not theirs. Over all, I give it a B-.

  13. Wow, I don’t think it’s THAT bad of a mower – my more expensive Craftsman was WAY worse than this JS36. WAAAAAY worse. I’ve had the JS36 for two summers now to mow a rather hilly 1/4 acre yard. It is a little hard to start but no other complaints.

  14. Purchased this green boat anchor in the fall 2010. Have had nothing but hard starting/stalling out problems ever since. Once started, maybe after 75 pulls, it runs, but rough, and if I’m lucky, I can get 1/2 of my front lawn mowed (120 x 30 ft) before it dies out. Plan on having shoulder surgery to try to start this thing if you buy this piece of garbage.

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  16. Will not start. Dealer ship in HOuston will not work with me on the phone. Service takes 4 weeks. Expensive lawnmower but poor quality. Have to use starter fluid to start ever since I bought it.

  17. I had the same problem with my snow blower. Old gas from last season caused the problem. Once I cleaned the carb, it started fine.

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  19. Has anyone found anything you can do to make the carb/choke system work? There has got to be something a person can do to modify the carb so it will work. I don’t mind having to pull it 2-3-4 times but mine won’t run worth beans even after doing everything from removing the gas tank, replacing the fuel line and cleaning the carb out completely.
    Any slick fixes?

  20. Elizabeth Says:

    Much like the majority of posters here my JS 36 is hands down the WORST mower I have ever owned. It has been hard to start since day one and can handle very little hard work with out bogging down or stalling all together. The bag is teeny tiny, and the chute into the bag clogs way too easy. Even the mulch chute clogs up in grass longer then about 5″. Piece of crap all round. I have had it serviced religiously, and it is still not running good. A big disappointment. I wont buy another John Deere product again after this experience.

  21. Joseph Hanley Says:

    The absolute worst lawnmower I have ever dealt with. I spend hours trying to get it to run and hours getting it fixed and I have only gone 3 to 4 weeks at a time without any issues. So for every 10 attempts to mow I get it working without struggle 2 out of 10.

  22. Best lawn mower by far. Definitely a work horse, no issues with starting, only maintenance done was replacing blades. Almost 7 years old and finally performing a complete maintenance kit on it. NOTHING RUNS LIKE A DEERE!

  23. I have the key start on mine so the starting issue is excellent, my problem is it seem to leave more grass clippings on lawn than my old Jacobsen mower which i wish i still had!
    This mower is very cumbersome in yards where you need to go around trees if you have a straight line cut its fine but it doesn’t seem to go very fast as a self propelled I am sorry you all have problems starting yours but how is it for picking up the clippings for all of you and making a mess on the concrete with clippings flying out underneath.

  24. Man, I love this mower. I have had it for 3 years and not one single problem, change the oil 2x year (synthetic)clean the air filter once a month, sharpen, or replace the blade when needed. starts first pull every time. I will need to replace the wheels pretty soon due to ware. bagging system needs to be redesigned, blows grass into my face for the first few minuets of an empty bag. when the time comes to replace it, I will definitely consider the upgrade to the 46 though.

  25. The John Deere JS36 has got to be the worst lawnmower I have used in my 55 years of life. It will not start if it is cold and when it does it runs like crap unless it is warmer then 65 degrees. I live in downstate NY so when fall comes it runs badly. There is a safety setting that will not allow it to start if the oil level is low. The only way you know is if you check the oil level after you completely close the cap. I found that out after a $90 service even though I had used the same oil level check method I have used on 10+ mowers over the years. Bag system is terrible and requires many emptying. Never buy John Deere again.

  26. Had my js46 for three seasons. If you use pure gasoline instead of with ethanol she will run strong and long. Just do the regular service and it won’t have a problem. Sure a cable may break but that’s life and not abnormal. These thing so hard work in the heat and it’s a tough job. I keep the blade sharp, service it properly, ran the overhead after initial break in and it’s great. Can handle foot tall grass no problem.

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  28. I’ve had a JS36 for a few years now. When trying to use it for the first time this Spring it would not start. It worked fine when last used last Fall. It turns out that the green plastic top cover and the plastic casing that surrounds the flywheel trap a huge amount of dirt all over the top of the engine. That dirt gets on the springs, levers and other moving parts but also gets into the small gap between the magneto and the flywheel magnets thus degrading ignition. I removed the green top cover, the black plastic casing and the gas tank housing and thoroughly cleaned everything. I also removed the magneto and cleaned the magneto pole faces and flywheel magnets using cue tips and WD40 followed by a light scrubbing with steel wool. Put it all back together and it started right up. If you’re having hard starting problems check for dirt buildup especially around the magneto and flywheel under the top cover.

  29. I hope this clip will help you understand why your mower isn’t bagging. I have 4 John Deere JS38’s and none of them bag. It took me a couple years to figure it out, but watch this and you’ll understand why they won’t bag and how to fix it.
    It’s a design flaw.
    I don’t know if this will help your situation or not, but it sounds a LOT like what 4 of mine were NOT doing….picking up grass clipping. I uploaded what I did on mine at:

    I hope this will help.

    I have had mine since new in 2011, and 5 years later still going strong.
    Looking after the mower has a lot to do with it. I change the oil twice a year (easy and cheap) change the air filters – both of them once a year, and only ever fill it up with premium fuel. I use fuel stabiliser in it over the winter when I do not use it much.
    I think the question people need to ask themselves, honestly, is are you really looking after the lawn mower, or just trying to blame the mower for your neglect???

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  34. Good lawnmower JS36, but make regular upkeep on it. Change oil one to two times a year, air filter and spark plug once a year. Had bolt break on support beam, so had to order replacement. Overall quite happy, but takes effort to maintain. 8 seasons and still going strong!

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  37. First off, the Briggs 190 cc engine is used on many brands of Lawn mowers. This engine, if kept full of oil, and the fuel used is non-ethanol, and the fuel is clean, the air filter is kept clean, the spark plug cleaned and gapped right and the lawnmower is stored out of the weather when not in use, I have never had a problem with any lawnmower with a Briggs Engine in general. And, our junk yard here locally winds up with bunches of Lawnmowers with this same engine and the common thread on all or most is “locked up with no oil” or a bent crank and a sheered flywheel key, indicating the lawn mower was run over a rock or some solid obstruction in the mow path. A Lawn mower, these days is an expensive proposition, and more so if the John Deere brand is on it. The point is, any lawn mower needs routine care and maintenance!

  38. I’ve now owned my JS36 for 11 years. Never had a single issue with running. It few pulls and it runs strong. My only complaint is that it doesn’t bag as cleanly as I would expect.

  39. Gale Vyncke Says:

    This mower is a nightmare, I had the carburetor rebuilt last year. First mow of the summer, was a hard start but started. Once again will not start, new plug put in still got nothing. For the price that I paid for this mower, this should not be happening. Suggestions ?? or should I take it to the curb..,,

  40. 12 years with this mower and not one real problem yet. Best mower I have ever owned.

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