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What oil to use in lawnmower engines

oil to use in lawnmower enginesLawnmowers are used during warm seasons such as late spring, summer and early fall and as a result temperature variations are pretty moderate. As the chart shows on the left, you typically can use SAE 30 viscosity oil, 10W-30 and 5W-30 viscosity oil in your engine. Always read the owner’s manual to confirm the viscosity level recommended for your particular engine. In case you are wondering, viscosity is a measure of how well oil will lubricate moving parts inside the engine while it is operating at specified temperatures. It is particularly important that oil provide enough lubrication when the engine is cold. Abnormal wear could take place if you have the wrong oil in the engine or if you do not have sufficient oil in the engine. Always check what oil to use in lawnmower engines. We will discuss a couple of maintenance tips in the following paragraphs.

What oil to use in lawnmower engines – Tips

Change the oil at regular intervals. The oil in your lawn mowers engine should be changed at least once a year for most consumers. Unless you have a large property, use your lawn mower for commercial lawn mowing etc. If the engine oil is black looking, then it is definitely time to change the oil. Change the oil at the beginning of the season, so that there is fresh oil in your engine for the season. Always run the lawn mower engine for 5 or 10 minutes before changing the oil. This will warm up the oil so that it will drain well when you are removing the oil.

Check the oil level often – in fact check your oil level each time before you start the engine to make sure that it is at the right level. There is nothing harder on an engine than not having enough oil to keep everything well lubricated. Oil levels can drop for a number of reasons. There could be a slow leak, your engine may burn a little oil each time you run it and before you realize what is going on, you have burned out the rings and pistons. Check before starting every time even with a new engine.

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