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Lawn Mower Grass catchersSome of our readers have asked us about lawn mower grass catchers, so we decided to add a post about this topic. Essentially we are not big fans of using grass catchers attached to lawn mowers. We used one for over 30 years before converting to a lawnmower that mulches the grass clippings. Mulchers make it easier for the clippings to reintegrate with the lawn and return nutrients to the lawn. Many people like them and prefer to use the type shown on the left or larger ones if they have a riding lawn mower for example. We will examine some of the pros and cons of using a lawnmower grass catcher, to assist our readers in making their own decisions regarding which they prefer.

Lawn mower Grass Catchers – Pro’s

  • No unsightly dried grass on the lawn
  • Grass can be allowed to grow longer providing resistance to weeds and drought
  • Grass clippings and be composted and added to gardens etc
  • Some grass is still left on the lawn, which must be raked
  • Seeds from any weeds are not spread on the lawn

Lawn mower Grass Catchers – Con’s

  • Lawnmower is more difficult to push when the grass catcher is full
  • Disposing of clippings can be an issue for many people
  • You need to stop often to empty the clippings
  • Weight of a full bag may be an issue for some
  • Carrying clippings to the end of the driveway on garbage day is an issue
  • Rotting grass clippings are messy and smelly

There may be other issues that consumers have with grass catchers, however, these are the main ones that convinced us to buy a self mulching lawn mower and leave the clippings on the lawn. You need to cut the lawn more often to avoid longer clippings, but it is easy to cut and can be done in half the time compared to emptying and bagging the clippings or raking the clippings left on the lawn.


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