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Signs of bad spark plug on lawnmower

bad spark plug on lawnmowerIf your spark plug is not set up properly and not clean, there is a good chance that your lawn mower will not run smoothly. What are the signs of bad spark plug on lawnmower engines? Before you even look at the spark plug, how can you tell if the spark plug might not be working as well as it should? As with most things in life, there are symptoms of a problem which have to be diagnosed and issues eliminated before you get to the true cause of the problem.

If your lawnmower engine is running rough, it is hard to start, if it is burning more fuel than usual or if there is a lot of blue exhaust then you could have a spark plug problem. You could also have a clogged carburetor, bad gas, poor spark or gas filter that is causing the problem to name a few. You have to begin somewhere and one of the easiest is to check the spark plug.

Signs of a bad Spark Plug on Lawnmower

The picture shows two spark plugs, one that is brand new and one that is obviously used. The used one is not necessarily bad. However the easiest approach is to just replace it with a new one of the proper specification. Follow the directions as outlined in your owner’s manual.

A critical step is to make sure that you have the proper gap for your spark plug. Check the owner’s manual for specifications or your lawn mower may not run at all. You can purchase a small gap tool to set the gap following the instructions that come with the tool. Once you have replaced the plug, try starting your engine. If it runs fine, problem solved, if not you will have to try other repair items as mentioned above, eliminating one at a time.

Many people will just clean up the old spark plug and reinstall it. This is ok, provided that the porcelain is not cracked around the center post. Make sure all soot is removed from the plug. You will also need to check the gap as mentioned above. Make sure it is set to the proper specification. Depending on how much you use your lawn mower, you may not have to change your spark plug. Daily use of a lawn mower usually means annual changes of the spark plug. Also regular changes of the oil in the engine as well.

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