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John Deere Lawn Mowers 700 series

John Deere Lawn Mowers 700 seriesJohn Deere lawn mowers in the 700 series include the X700, X740 and the X748 models. These are riding lawn mowers meant for larger properties and for consumers who also may need additional attachments to complete some of the tasks on their property. These attachments include front end loaders, trailers, blades etc.  There are also tillers, scrapers, blades and various hitches that will connect with these attachments such as cultivators. This series is very versatile and flexible. They pretty much provide just about everything you will need to maintain your garden and property. The following provides some additional detail on each model.

John Deer Lawn Mowers 700 series – Models

X700 – includes internal hydraulic PTO with a multi disk clutch pack, heavy duty welded frame, improved maneuverability with 22 hp, 2 wheel drive, and power steering.

X740 -soft, smooth clutch engagement, operates with a wide variety of equipment, an automatic transmission, a 24 hp engine, 2 wheel drive, and power steering.

X748 – includes full time 4WD, forward and reverse drives, heavy duty robotically welded frame, 6.5 gallon fuel tank, 24 hp engine with power steering

All of these models are suited for consumers with large properties who need versatile machines to help them complete their landscaping projects as well as maintain their properties in the manner they would like. We are not advertising these machines and we do not gain anything from the sale or purchase of these machines. We aim to help consumers decide which machine would best meet their needs.

If price is an issue, then the X700 is probably the best value. It only has slightly less horse power than the other two. Features differ so make sure that you carefully consider which attachments you may want in the future. What you will be doing with your lawn mower / tractor. This is an expensive decision so take the time to think ahead. Consider what makes sense for you personal situation.


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