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Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Lawn Mower J863Q

The Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Lawn Mower J863Q is a self propelled lawn mower with 4 speeds to match your walking speed and the thickness of the grass you are cutting. Chose between mulch, side discharge or catch the grass clippings in the rear bag that comes with the lawn mower.

Troy Bilt self propelled lawn mower J863QThis is a rear wheel drive which is where the weight is and it provides better traction as a result. The large wheels make this machine easy to maneuver and provides the right weight balance regardless of whether the grass catcher is full or not.

Combined with an electric start engine, this self propelled lawn mower will make your lawn cutting experience enjoyable. The ergonomic handle reduces fatigue and provides single-handed use, while the other hand is controlling the speed or just taking a rest.

Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Lawn Mower J863Q – Specifications

  • 160 cc Honda OHC engine with overhead cam, 4 cycle.
  • 4 speed shift
  • 21 inch wide cut
  • 3 way – mulch, rear bag and side discharge


  • Engine certified for low emissions, low noise and no mixing of oil and gas
  • Electric start, set the choke and turn the key
  • Rear wheel drive, self propelled
  • Deep doomed deck and patented blade for superior cut and mulch
  • Large rear wheels for better maneuverability, and even cut on uneven ground
  • Single lever height adjuster adjusts all four wheels at once
  • Ergonomic handle provides easy single-handed use and reduces effects of fatigue
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Bottle of oil included.

Warranty: Four year limited warranty

Description of the Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Lawn Mower J863Q

The Troy Bilt self-propelled lawn mower J863Q comes pre-assembled and all you need to do is pour the bottle of oil into the engine to the desired level, add fuel to the fuel tank and you are ready to go.  Customers should always complete a full check of the lawn mower on their very first use to confirm that all elements are working properly and that there are no problems with the lawn mower.

The engine is a 4 cycle engine, engineered and certified  for low emissions. The engine is also a low noise engine and since it is a 4 cycle engine, you do not have to mix oil and gasoline.

Delivery: Consumers can purchase the Troy-Bilt Self Propelled Lawn Mower J863Q at Canadian Tire stores across Canada.  You will need to make your own arrangements for pickup if you cannot fit the lawn mower into your car.

Safety & Operation

Practicing good safety with your lawn mower is much the same with any piece of equipment. Read the manual and familiarize your self with all of the safety procedures prior to starting the engine. Always check the lawn mower over prior to starting it at any time. Confirm that there is sufficient oil in the engine. Top up if needed. Check the fuel level as well and top up while the engine is cool to avoid any possibility of a flare up. If you spill fuel on the engine or the housing wait until it has full evaporated prior to starting the engine.

Never point the discharge at other people, buildings or cars. Projectiles from the side discharge can be at a high speed and cause accidents if you are not careful. Always shut the engine off before making any adjustments and prior to removing the grass catcher to empty it. This is an excellent habit to get into to avoid any possibility of an accident.

If you must clean out the underside of the deck, remove the key so that the Troy Bilt self-propelled lawn mower J863Q cannot be accidentally started.


Again, check the manual for all recommended maintenance requirements of the Troy Bilt self propelled lawn mower J863Q. After every use always clean off the deck to clear it of any grass , dirt and grime to avoid prematurely causing corrosion of the deck. Clean any clumps off the underside as well. These clumps will dry over time and fall off on your driveway or in your garage leaving a mess.

Also change the engine oil at recommended intervals. Depending on use, you may need to change the oil often if you have a large lawn to cut.  At a minimum, change the oil at least once per year to protect the engine and extend the overall engine life.

Anytime you notice items needing repair, repair them immediately to avoid causing further damage to the lawn mower.

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