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Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower 1839Q

The Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower model 1839Q comes with a number of interesting features which many consumers will like. A four-speed shift stick allows the operator to adjust the speed to the appropriate pace that you prefer.  The ergonomic comfort handle reduces fatigue and provides easy single-handed use while mowing your lawn.

Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower

The Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower also provides a single lever adjustment that allows you to adjust all four wheels at once. The wheels come with steel ball bearings increasing the long life of the wheels.

The automatic choke return makes for easy starting. Set the choke and pull the starter cord. No priming is required before you start the Bolens Self Propelled lawnmower. The Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower is a three-in-one lawnmower that mulches, catches the grass, and also has a side discharge if you do not wish to use the grass catcher. Conversion is easy and completed without using any tools. This is a very versatile lawnmower.

Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Specifications:

  • 160 cc OHC Honda engine
  • 21 inch deep dome mulching deck
  • 4 speed rear-wheel drive
  • 8 inch wheels with steel ball bearings
  • 61 liter capacity bag


  • Auto choke control, no priming required, just set and pull the chord
  • Mulch, rear bag, and side discharge with no tools required for conversion
  • Single lever height adjustment for all four wheels
  • Ergonomic comfort handle to reduce fatigue and provide single-hand use
  • Easy access air filter
  • Folding handle for easy storage
  • Assembles in minutes with a bottle of oil included for the engine

Warranty: 4-year limited warranty

Delivery: Customers can purchase the Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower at Lowes in Canada for pickup or delivery. Delivery can be arranged, however, this will add to the cost of the lawnmower. Some customers will arrange for a van or small trailer if they cannot get the lawnmower into their cars.

Safety & Operation

Always read the operator’s manual prior to assembly and prior to starting the Bolens Self Propelled lawn mower for the first time. Take the time to understand all of the safety concerns and areas that you need to pay attention to while operating the Bolens Self Propelled lawnmower.

There are some basics to safety while operating the lawnmower. First, always complete an inspection of the lawnmower prior to starting each day. Look for loose parts and check the oil level and the fuel level. Top up the engine oil as required to ensure that the engine has sufficient oil at all times.

While you are operating the lawnmower, always ensure that no one is in the path of the side-discharge to avoid being hit by flying objects. Always shut the engine off prior to emptying the grass catcher for similar reasons. You do not want to be hit by moving objects thrown out by the lawnmower blades.

Adjust the lawnmower speed to a comfortable walking rate and the density of the grass that you are cutting. Use the 4-speed control to change speed on the fly if you encounter thicker harder to cut grass.

If you need to clear clumps of grass from under the lawnmower, always shut the engine off before doing any work under the lawnmower. We also recommend that you disconnect the spark plug wire so there is no danger of accidentally starting the engine while you are cleaning under the deck of the lawnmower.

Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower – Maintenance

The manual for the lawnmower will cover all required maintenance activities including the frequency of oil changes. Depending on the use you may need to change the oil once a month if you have lots of lawn to cut. On the other hand, a small lawn will not require oil changes nearly as often. At the minimum change the oil annually to extend the life of the engine and use of the lawnmower.

The blades should also be sharpened at least once per year to provide sharp blades that cut the grass and avoid tearing the blades. Most people are comfortable doing this work themselves. However, a small engine mechanic can complete these activities for you including changing the oil and changing the spark plug if needed.

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3 Responses to “Bolens Self Propelled Lawn Mower 1839Q”

  1. janet parker Says:

    interested in purchasing one of these lawnmomers
    504-466-8855 phone number at work

  2. I bought a Bolens like this back in the early nineties in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
    I would like to buy the one if I can.
    My ex-wife took the one I bought. It was a nice mower.
    I bought a Bolens with the large back wheels for mowing, but not as good as the 1839Q one.
    Please let me know if I can order one even from Canada.


    James Davis
    4429 S.E. 119th Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73165

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