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White Lawn Mower J836L

The White Lawn Mower J836L is a great little lawn mower with lots of features that many consumers will enjoy. It is one of the easiest to use around the yard and the most versatile and flexible as well. Starting with the 160CC Briggs & Stratton engine which has been engineered to be quieter and cleaner burning than past models. It employs a Direct Overhead Valve engine or DOV with a ready start technology to give you outstanding power and torque.

White Lawn Mower J836LThe White Lawn Mower J836L also has a self propelled capability  with a 4 speed transmission. Now consumers can just follow along with the lawn mower at a speed that is comfortable for them .

If you would like to maintain the self propelled capability, but slow down a bit around landscaped ares, just down shift to a slower speed.  With a 21 inch mulching deck, this lawn mower can make short work of any lawn. Consumers can bag their grass with the rear bagger, mulch their lawns or just discharge the grass clippings to the side.  Many consumers prefer to leave the grass clippings on the lawn to return many of the nutrients that are available in the grass using the mulching system or the side discharge. Of course you can easily switch to rear bag the grass if it gets too long between cuttings.

White Lawn Mower J836L – Specifications:

  • 160 CC Briggs and Stratton Engine
  • 4 speed self propelled rear wheel drive
  • 21 inch deep dome mulching deck and patented blade
  • 8 inch by 2 inch front ball bearing wheels

Propulsion : 4 speed self propelled rear wheel drive

Engine : 160 CC Briggs and Stratton Engine Smoother, quieter, and cleaner burning, the new Briggs & Stratton DOV engine (Direct Overhead Valve) is equipped with ReadyStart™ technology

Warranty: 3 year limited warranty


  • Electric start
  • Mulch , rear bag or side discharge
  • Single lever wheel height adjustment
  • New comfort grip handle
  • Handles fold for easy storage
  • Some assembly required, can be done in minutes
  • Bottle of oil included

Description of the White Lawn Mower J836L

The White Lawn Mower J836L also comes with an electric starter. No more pulling the chord to start the lawn mower , just press the button and your ready to go.

This lawn mower comes partially pre-assembled. Consumers will need to unfold the handles and add oil to the engine, prior to starting the lawn mower for the first time. This is a really important point, so do not forget to add the oil to avoid significant damage to the engine. In fact in our safety and operation section we urge consumers to always check the oil each time before they start the engine at the beginning of the day.

Adjust your cutting height to one of several positions with the single lever height adjustment capability.  The handles will fold for easy storage and fitting into those tight places. White has added new handles which are supposed to be more comfortable and ergonomic.

Delivery: Consumers can purchase the White Lawn Mower J836L at a number of dealers including Reno Depot and also at Rona.  Most consumers will pick up the White Lawn Mower J836L at the dealer. Delivery is an option, however you should expect to pay a delivery charge.

Safety & Operation

Consumers should always read the manual before operating the White Lawn Mower J836L for the first time. Review all of the operating procedures and also the safety guidelines. It is important to follow safe operating guidelines. It only takes a few minutes to be safe vs. an accident which could have results that last a lifetime.

Before starting the engine each time, always do a quick check of the machine to verify that everything is in working order. Always check the oil in the engine of the White Lawn Mower J836L and top up if needed. Sometimes there can be unknown leaks and your engine oil may be low.

When operating the lawn mower and using the side discharge , always avoid allowing the discharge to point towards another individual. Or towards a car for example. Some times sticks or even stones can be picked up and kicked at high speed out of the discharge chute. These projectiles can achieve a high rate of speed and if they hit a person or an object can cause a lot of damage.

The self propelled lawn mower can travel at one of 4 speeds. Slow down around landscaped areas of tight spaces. You may even want to disengage the drive system while you are mowing grass around landscaped areas.

Each time you operate the lawn mower, fill up the fuel tank to avoid running out and having to refill while the engine is hot. If you spill gasoline while filling the lawn mowers fuel tank, wait until the gasoline has evaporated before starting the engine.

White Lawn Mower J836L – Maintenance

Maintenance of the White Lawn Mower J836L is fairly straight forward. Always check the oil before starting. If it appears to be black in color, change the engine oil immediately.  Change the oil at a minimum of once per year and if you are a heavy user with a lot of lawn to cut you may need to change the oil more often.

Keep the lawn mowers blade sharp to ensure that the grass is cut properly and not torn from the stem. From time to time, clean off the deck and the under side of the deck to avoid long term corrosion of the deck. Finally always review what is needed to maintain your warranty

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