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St Augustine Grass

St Augustine GrassThe scientific name for St Augustine grass is Stenotaphrum secundatum. It is a robust and fast growing grass type, tolerates salty soil and it is also a good shade grass. One main weakness is that Chinch bugs can do considerable damage to this type of grass and it tends to also thatch badly. It is one of the best shade tolerant species compared to all of the other grass types. St Augustine grass also needs lots of water and medium to high levels of nitrogen fertilizer. From .4 to .8 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per growing month is required. Unfortunately it does not wear very well.

St Augustine Grass

The mowing height should be from two to three inches. Mowing too low allows weeds to take hold and possibly sunburn. Mowing too high allows thatch to build up quite rapidly. It is best adapted to southern California and mild areas of the southwest and golf coast states. It does best in neutral or alkaline soils.

If thatch does build up gardeners should consider de-thatching the lawn. This will allow air and nutrients to penetrate to the roots. Some gardeners will regularly de-thatch their lawns once per year to prevent extended buildup of the thatch in the lawn.

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