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DichondraDichondra micrantha is a warm-season ground cover grass type that is actually not grass. It is a broadleaf plant that makes a lush, dense and bright green carpet when properly looked after and well maintained. It requires less mowing than many other grass types and is subject to only a few disease types mainly in the southwestern United States. A variety of bugs like the Dichondra such as cutworms, flea beetles, snails, and slugs.  Once weeds invade they are difficult to get rid of. This grass type is susceptible to Alternaria in Texas and East-word. It also has better shade tolerance than Kentucky bluegrass and is generally considered to have good shade tolerance.

Dichondra Micrantha

Dichondra requires lots of water and medium to high amounts of fertilizer. Nitrogen in amounts of .5 to 1.0 pound per 1000 square feet per month. It does not wear well and cannot deal with a lot of foot traffic. Dichondra should be mowed to a few inches high in shaded areas where there is little traffic and lower in other areas, which helps to keep out the weeds.

It does well in hot conditions but does not like humid conditions or temperatures below 25 degrees F.

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