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CentipedegrassCentipedegrass is another warm-season grass with the scientific name Eremochioa ophiuroids. It is a good low maintenance general purpose lawn that adapts well in poor soil conditions. It can also be aggressive enough to crowd out weeds and needs less mowing than most grasses. One big advantage is that this grass is resistant to chinch bugs which can decimate other grass types. This grass type can be a great low maintenance type of grass for lawns in the southern United States. It does not wear well and will only recover slowly from damage from too much foot traffic for example.


The Centipedegrass is coarse-textured. It has a light green texture. It can turn yellow from chlorosis and is also sensitive to low temperatures. Adding too much nitrogen will cause a build-up of thatch. It is also fairly tolerant of shade.

Fertilizer should be in the range of .1 to .3 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year. Usually, the stated amount is per month. Note that this is the amount you should add per year for this grass type.

With a shallow root system, it can be sensitive to drought or dry conditions. Water often to avoid problems. mowing height is from one to two inches.

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