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Second Nature Lawn CareFor some consumers, it seems second nature to take care of their lawn and have a great looking lawn with few or no weeds at all. These lawns while not spectacular, are more than sufficient to fit into just about any suburban area and gain the approval of your spouse as well as neighbors. The writer once overheard a couple of guys, just newly married, talking about how important it was to have a nice lawn. The one thing they needed to do to keep their wives happy was to have a nice lawn. Surprising, but nice to hear.

Other homeowners have a difficult time and just cannot seem to have a healthy looking lawn. The lawn does not get enough water, there are too many weeds and perhaps grubs or some other insect infestation gets into the lawn which weakens it and causes the lawn to not look very nice.  Regular maintenance which includes fertilizer, weed care, watering, and mowing will go a long way to having a very nice looking lawn. The weeds will be kept at bay and insect treatment will avoid a grub problem that can kill your lawn overnight during a hot spell with no rain.

Care for Your Lawn

Some people just do not care about their lawns. They never water it, they never add fertilizer and you are lucky if they cut the lawn let alone deal with all of the weeds that are on the lawn. Of course, all of the neighbors are upset since all of these weeds will eventually spread to their lawns as well adding more work for them to keep their lawns looking nice.

It really does not take that much time to have a great looking lawn. A few hours every week doing the basics will ensure that your lawn always looks great.

Basics of Lawn Care and Why it Can be Second Nature

Basic lawn care involves water, fertilizer, weed control, and regular mowing of the lawn. Watering should be once a week and a good soaker is best if it has not rained. In desert conditions, you may have to water every day. Fertilizer should be added four times a year and use the correct fertilizer that matches the time of the year and the life cycle of your grass. Use a good weed control to keep the weeds away and even hand pull weeds if needed.

A quick walk around your lawn once a week pulling any weeds you see will go a long way to reducing the weeds that appear in your lawn. It only takes five minutes a week to do this. Your grass should be mowed at least once per week or more often if it is growing quickly. If your grass has grown an inch then it needs to be cut.

Thicken with grass seed once or twice a year

A thick lawn is another great way to keep the lawn healthy. Thick lawns also help it to fight off drought and weeds. A thick lawn decreases the amount of moisture evaporation leaving more water for the roots. Thick lawns also fight off weeds as well. Spread grass seed twice a year followed by some top dressing of rich black soil. These steps will help your lawn stay thick and healthy.

Once you get your lawn into great shape the amount of effort to keep it that way be minimal. It will be second nature lawn care for you to keep it looking great all year-long. And of course, your spouse will be happy and your neighbors will be envious as well.

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