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Professional Lawn Care ServicesWhat should you look for when you are looking for professional lawn care services? Most people who are looking for lawn care services will either look in the Yellow Pages. Or they will take references from the neighbors and friends who are using a lawn care service.

Obsere the company providing lawncare services at a friend’s place. Also the neighbors place or even someone you do not know is probably the best way to find a lawn care service that you like. Talking with the customer and finding out what they think of the lawncare service company is one way. It is probably the best way to find a company that is suitable for what you’re looking for.

This is a far better approach compared to picking the company out of the Yellow Pages. Compared to signing a contract and waiting to see what kind of service will be provided. Most companies will talk a good line. That’s the sales pitch but the actual service they provide is really what you’re interested in. One more thing, when you talk to other customers, you will need to make sure that you have the same standards. They may not be that concerned about how the lawn looks and just want someone to cut the lawn. This might not be what you are really looking for.

Services that Should be Included

Professional lawn care services should include mowing the grass, picking up any grass clippings that are left on the lawn, cleaning grass clippings from your sidewalks and driveway after the morning is completed, and edging your grass along flowerbeds and driveways etc. This is the minimum that should be included in the contract.

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You may also want to include fertilizer and weed control at appropriate times during the year. This will ensure that you have a great looking lawn at all times during the year. In addition you may also want to have various services such as dethacthing of your lawn every couple of years and also aeration of your lawn if required.

Up Selling Lawn Care Services

All companies that provide lawn care services will try to up sell you on various services in addition to the basic professional lawn care services that they provide. Some of these services may be interesting to you while others may not. There is no harm in listening and then declining these extra services, however consumers can also negotiate package deals for the basic services as well as these extra services. Whatever you do, avoid succumbing to the sales pressure and taking more services than you actually want. They are just doing their job to try to sell more and bring more business into the company.

Part of ensuring that your lawn has that professional looked after look  is to purchase the right services for lawn care. Your lawn needs to be mowed at least once per week. Grass clippings removed and your lawn edged at the same time. Weed treatment should be applied as needed with fertilizer added at least four times a year.  Seasonal fertilizers should be used to ensure that root growth and blade growth are optimized. We also suggest that grass seed be added to the lawn once a year usually in the spring to thicken it up. Make sure that you also cover the seeds lightly with top soil.

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