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Lawn Mowing ServicesBasic lawn care services or lawn mowing services includes just that mowing your lawn and maybe picking up some a grass clippings after they are finished. If you want more services then you will have to negotiate those services before you sign the contract. A note of caution. Always make sure that everything you are expecting in the way of services is clearly stated in the contract. Otherwise, you risk being disappointed. For example, if you want grass clippings raked up and also blown off your sidewalk and driveway, this should be specified in the contract. They may provide this service as a matter of course. However, there is no reason for them to do so unless it is specified in the contract.

What Lawn Mowing Services are Needed for a Great Looking Lawn?

For a lawn to be in great condition during the middle of the summer the lawn needs to be watered on a regular basis at least once per week. The grass needs to be cut at least once per week and more often if it is fast growing. Weeds need to be pulled and weed control applied as well at least once per month. In addition, you may want to have edging completed around the edges of your lawn. Also along your sidewalks, driveway, and flowerbeds. Finally, there is fertilizer that needs to be added at least four times per year.

These are the basics of lawn care and will ensure that you have a great looking lawn. Many homeowners will have someone look after mowing, edging, and providing fertilizer along with weed care for their lawns. Homeowners will then either do their own watering when needed. Or install an automated watering system. These systems will make sure that your lawn is watered properly based on the climate you live in.

Types of Fertilizer

There are different grades of fertilizer that can be used. there are also different categories of fertilizers that are aimed at root growth, blade growth, and the overall health of the lawn that is being looked after.

Your Home Depot and Lowes and other hardware stores can help you select the proper kind of grass fertilizer to apply to your lawn. Make sure you follow the instructions to avoid burning your lawn when you’re applying the fertilizer. A high concentration of fertilizer could actually kill your lawn and cause large brown patches to appear in your lawn if applied incorrectly.

Many consumers will hire a local person to do basic lawn mowing services. Then apply their own weed control and fertilizer along with managing the watering of their lawn. They want to ensure that they have a healthy lawn in their neighborhood. There are also companies that will provide fertilizer services. They will make sure that not only is your lawn fertilized at the proper time. They will also make sure that the right kind of fertilizer is applied for the time of year.

For example in the spring, you want a fertilizer that promotes strong healthy growth in your grass to make it look green and healthy. In the fall you need fertilizer that promotes strong root growth that prepares your grass for the coming winter. This will help it maintain the overall health of the grass during dormant times and get it ready for the spring.

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