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Grass Roots Lawn CareThere are many different categories of lawns and all need lawn care. Some lawns are already in perfect condition and just need to be kept that way. They are in maintenance mode. As long as they are watered properly, fertilized, reseeded and treated for weeds they will remain in perfect condition. Grass Roots Lawn Care

Types of Lawns

Some with lots of weeds are almost beyond repair. They can be so bad that all you see is weeds. It will take much more work to get a lawn like this one back into shape. All weeds must be killed and then serious reseeding or even new sod may be in order. With all of the weeds, it will take many months before your lawn begins to look great. If you do decide to resod your lawn make sure that all of the existing grass and weeds are removed first. New topsoil should be added and then the new sod on top. Make sure that you water and begin taking care of your lawn properly. Make sure that the weeds are kept under control and do not reappear.

Grass Roots Lawn Care – Deal with the Weeds

Some that are green with a few weeds need attention to make sure that the weeds do not take over the lawn. It can occur in less than a month if the weeds are not dealt with. Dandelions can be the worst spreading easily without regard for your lawn. You may need to spot spray to get rid of them if there are not too many or you can pull them out by the roots. A regular weekly review of your lawn and pulling or spot weeding is probably the best. There are tools that you can purchase at many of the home hardware’s stores which make it much easier to remove dandelion roots that are deep in your lawn.

Rich thick healthy lawns have the best chance of fighting off the weeds and also retaining water during dry periods. With lots of grass, that is thick and luxurious, the lawn limits water evaporation and also prevents weeds from getting started. Weekly attention will keep it this way by making sure that weeds are eliminated quickly and the lawn has adequate water.

Maintenance Mode

Once you get your lawn into what is called maintenance mode, and you perform the regular maintenance activities, such as water, fertilizer, regular grass cutting, and weeding your lawn will be easy to maintain and look great all of the time.

How do lawns get that way? It usually means that the lawn has been neglected by the homeowner. The weeds have not been pulled, the lawn has not been watered, the lawn may not even be cut very often. Lack of overseeding and lack of mulching or top dressing with rich black earth also can lead to lawns getting into bad shape.

What to do To Keep Your Lawn Healthy

The following steps are considered to be foremost in terms of recovering a lawn from being in bad shape. This also applies as well to maintaining a lawn that has been healthy.

  • Regular seasonal fertilizer at least four times a year
  • Sufficient water at least once a week
  • Top up with topsoil once per year
  • Weed control applied at regular intervals, pulling weeds as needed on a weekly basis
  • Insect control for grubs and other insects as needed
  • Healthy grass roots by applying the proper fertilizer

You may have comments about maintaining the green lawn. Feel free to leave comments that are constructive and contribute to our readership’s information.

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