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Lawn Care Service ReviewsOur web site covers a lot of topics from lawn mower reviews to lawn care companies to the basics of looking after your lawn. The objective is to help people have great lawns without spending a lot of money and also to purchase the best equipment for their money and their situation or needs. With this in mind, we would invite readers to offer their Lawn Care Service Reviews and comments about local lawn care companies in their area and cover the following topics.

Lawn Care Service Reviews

Services provided – what services did you hire the lawn care company to provide
Price for services – did you receive good value for the price you are paying
Satisfaction level – how satisfied are you with the services that you are receiving
Lawn health – is your lawn as healthy as you expected, the best in the neighborhood
Your personal involvement – how much work are you doing vs. the lawn care company

The result and the overall satisfaction with the way your lawn looks really comes to a combination of your time you personally spend on looking after your lawn and how much money you paid for the services you received. Let us know your thoughts and comments about lawn care companies in your area. We will be adding them to our blog as they come in. please make sure that everything that is written is factual and in good taste.

Your comments

  • Services provided
  • Price for services
  • Satisfaction level
  • Overall lawn health
  • Summary  comments

Consumers hire lawn care service companies for a variety of reasons. For some people, they simply do not want to do the work and still want a great looking lawn. Many people physically cannot look after their lawns. They need help from someone to cut the lawn for them, keep the weeds down, and fertilize their lawn.  Then there are those people who will cut their own grass but do not want to be bothered buying fertilizer and applying it themselves. Applying weed killer has many of the same issues for consumers. They do not want to take the chance of storing it in their garage or handling it in case they accidentally get some on their hands or arms. They would prefer to use experts to help them have a great looking lawn.

We have focused on lawns and lawn care companies. What about companies that trip flower gardens and trim shrubs? These services require different skills and providers really have to know something about looking after shrubbery in addition to maintaining a lawn. Flower gardens take even more skill and we strongly recommend that the homeowner who is arranging for this work be involved and provide direction to the lawn care service provider to ensure that they end up with a flower garden that they actually like. Otherwise, you end up with a garden that might look great on one person’s eyes and not yours.

As will, all contracts make sure it documents everything you expect to receive, dates and times, amounts, etc. If it is not on the contract, chances are you will not receive the services that you thought you should be getting.

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