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Lawn Care CompaniesDoes it really matter whether lawn care companies are local vs. national in scope? The larger companies have more advertising budget which means that the customer is probably paying for that advertising. We happen to think that if you can find a reliable local lawn car company or even individual, your prices for lawn care will be lower in the long run and your lawn will look just as great.

It really comes down to how great your lawn looks after paying for a service. Even if the price is a little bit higher in one case, many people would be more than satisfied if they had a golf green lawn to show off to all of their neighbors. Regardless of which Lawn Care Companies you go with, it all comes down to results, services and price. We decided to list a few of the services and issues that consumers should really pay attention to if they want a great looking lawn.

What Does Your Lawn Need to Look Great?

The basics of lawn care are the following: regular cutting so that it does not get too long, nor too short; frequent watering so that your grass has water to grow; regular fertilizer at least 4 times a year with the right mix of fertilizer for the time of year; regular weed treatment to keep the weeds at bay; thickening of the lawn with grass seed; dethatching every couple of years to get rid of dead grass, and trimming to keep the edges of the lawn looking great.

Some of this work can be done by the consumer, in fact it all can be completed by the consumer, however, it is more about how much you want to do vs. how much you would like to give to a contractor to look after.

Lawn Care Companies – Services

If you do decide to hire a national lawn care company or a local lawn care company, make sure that you have a contract that spells out exactly the services that you will be asking them to provide vs. what you will do yourself. Watering your lawn is usually completed by the homeowner with cutting, trimming, fertilizer and weed applications either completed by the homeowner or the lawn care company. Spell it out on the contract and get the best price you can for the service that you are taking. If you decide to ask for quotes from several companies, make sure that these companies are quoting the same services so that you can do a valid comparison. If the services are different along with the price, it is more difficult to make a decision based on a comparison.


Warranties are pretty basic. There are just too many variables with weather, bugs and weeds for lawn care companies to provide a warranty. They can guarantee that their work will be consistent and completed as per the contract, that they will not harm your lawn and that is about it.

Price is always an issue and often you get what you pay for. Ask for references and talk to the references about the service levels and the satisfaction levels. Ask what they are happy with and what they are unhappy with. There is a lot to consider, but then again it is only for a season. Then you can move onto another national lawn care company or do the work yourself.

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