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Organic Lawn Care Program

Organic Lawn Care ProgramFollowing an organic lawn care program can be difficult for many people especially if there are a lot of weeds on neighborhood lawns. We have found that a combination of organic lawn care and traditional lawn care seems to work best. Following this approach we are able to have a really great looking lawn. But also have some control over the pesticides that we are introducing to the environment. We also are very careful of our pets and children as well as ourselves when it comes to using any chemicals. There is not much we can do about our neighbors lawn. But we can keep ours looking great and set the example for them to follow. Sometimes peer pressure works and causes people to take an interest. They  improve their lawns just because their neighbors take great care of their lawns.

Organic Lawn Care Program – what Is It

Basically it means that you do not use any harmful chemicals to control insects and weeds on your lawn. What should you do as an alternate? Unfortunately some people just let their lawns go. They still mow them once a week, but they are full of weeds and look terrible as well as contribute to weeds in neighborhood lawns much to the disgust of those neighbors.

Dandelions and other large leaf weeds are pretty easy to deal with. If you dig them up every time you see one, it can take only a few minutes every week to deal with these weeds. Other smaller leaf weeds are more difficult and will take more time to remove. However if you stick with the removing them every week, you can control them well. In addition, the key to fighting off weeds is to have a really healthy lawn. Apply grass seed to thicken the lawn, apply high quality top dressing to provide the lawn with lots of nutrients and use an organic fertilizer as well. Make sure it gets lots of water as well to ensure a healthy thick lawn which will be more resistant to weeds.

Organic Lawn Care Program – Spot Program

We also use some inorganic products to control weeds, We tend to apply this where there is a concentration of weeds instead of pulling them one by one. We do not apply the pesticide throughout the entire lawn and reduce or control the amount applied this way. The one exception is dealing with grubs. Once you have an infestation of grubs, you pretty much have to spray the entire lawn, because the grubs will kill the grass and the animals will dig up your lawn looking for grubs to eat.

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