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Lawn MaintenanceBasic lawn maintenance is pretty simple , unless you want a perfect lawn. Then it takes a little more work to obtain that golf green type of lawn, that has a manicured look to it and is the envy of the neighborhood. In the last few posts we have been discussing some of the steps that homeowners need to take to have a really great looking lawn. In this post we will discuss how to have a perfect lawn that is truly the envy of the neighborhood and something that you can be proud of. It can take just a few extra hours each week to make sure that your lawn is healthy and looking great.

The first step is to make sure your lawn gets regular watering so that it never dries out. If you receive enough rain then you may not need to water that much. On the other hand your water system should include at least one inch of water at least once per week and more often if you live in a dry climate. Next cut the lawn when there is no more than one inch of grass to cut.

This will mean that you are cutting the lawn more often, but you will have a more manicured look to your lawn as a result. Always make sure the blade on the lawn mower is sharp so that it cuts rather than tears the blade of grass. These two steps will ensure that you never place the lawn in any kind of stress and the ends of the blades have a cut look to them instead of being torn away.  There are several more things to consider.

Lawn Maintenance – Fertilizer

Apply fertilizer at least 4 times a year using the appropriate fertilizer for the time of year and use a spreader to apply it. Never fill the spreader while on your grass to avoid spilling and burning your grass. Follow the recommended spreading directions. The fertilizer should help blade growth and root expansion to ensure that your grass remains healthy all year long. It is better to spread the fertilizer thinly and travel over the lawn several times to avoid any chance of burning the lawn. You will also have a better distribution of the fertilizer as well instead of concentrating it in the areas that you have traversed.

Lawn Maintenance – Dealing With Weeds

Weeds are a big problem in some areas. You may have to pull the larger ones such as thistles and dandelions by hand. While smaller weeds need an application of weed killer on a regular basis. A thick healthy lawn makes it more difficult for the weeds to grow. You will have many less to deal with as a result. Also apply lawn seed with top dressing at least once per year to thicken the lawn.

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