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lawn care serviceWhat are the lawn care services that you really need to maintain your lawn in perfect condition? Can your lawn look like this one? What will it cost to have a lawn that is always in perfect condition? We put together a list of steps that just about anyone can follow. You can have a great looking lawn and not cost too much money at the same time. You may decide to have someone look after your lawn for you. Use this list to decide what you will do. What lawn care service you need to have a lawn maintenance company do for you.

If you are considering a lawn care service, prepare your list. Provide this list of requirements to several lawn care companies to request quotes for the services. By using exactly the same list you will find it much easier to compare quotes. This includes prices and services that they offer. Everyone wants to have a perfect looking lawn. There is no reason why you cannot have one too at minimal cost.

Lawn Care Service – Weekly

Each week you need to cut the lawn and perhaps even more often if you have a fast growing lawn. In addition, remove any large weeds that you see such as dandelions and thistles. Smaller weeds must be dealt with by using some form of weed control. In addition water your lawn at least once a week if it does not rain sufficiently. In dry climates, daily water may be needed. Cutting the lawn more often before the grass gets too long is actually easier to do and if you use a mulching lawn mower, there is no grass clippings to worry about as well.

Lawn Care Service – Monthly

Prepare a schedule to apply weed control and grub control if you feel that these are required. Your lawn care service will look after this for you. Apply grass seed and top dressing to any areas that may be thinning out. Remember you need to water this area daily to help the new grass take hold and grow.

Lawn Care Service – Quarterly

Fertilizer every three months is usually needed and use the appropriate fertilizer for the time of year. For example a fertilizer that promotes root growth is usually suggested in the fall and one that promotes leaf growth in the spring is suggested. Apply weed control an bug control as needed.

Lawn Care Service – Annually

Remove all debris from your lawn in the late fall after you have cut the lawn for the last time. The same thing applies in the spring before you cut the lawn or apply fertilizer. You will want to make sure that there is no debris such as leaves and branches that could stunt or even kill the grass even over the winter months.

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