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Lawn Mowing ServiceConsumers with all sizes of lawns need more than lawn mowing service in many cases. For some like the one in this picture, mowing the lawn probably takes too much time. The owners have more important things to do. They also have lots of gardens and shrubs that need maintenance services on a regular basis. For others they just do not want to be bothered with looking after a lawn. They hire a lawn mowing service. Then there are a few that simply cannot do it themselves and will hire a lawn mowing service to look after their lawns. If you need your lawn mowed, what other things do you need in addition to someone just cutting the lawn? Fertilizer, weed treatment, watering, patching, removal of leaves and debris in the fall and spring are just a few of the other types of services that may be needed.

Lawn Mowing Service – Other Services

In addition to someone cutting the lawn, many home owners would like the edges of the lawn trimmed so that it looks nice and neat. They also would like any grass cuttings swept off of driveways and sidewalks and disposed of. Fertilizer should be applied at regular intervals to ensure healthy root growth and strong blade growth so that you have a nice healthy looking lawn. In most locations, fertilizer should be added four times a year.

Lawns also benefit from the annual application of lawn seed and top dressing to help thicken the lawn. This application of lawn seed and top dressing will also help to control weeds as well since weeds have a difficult time growing in a healthy, thick lawn. A healthy, thick lawn is the best defense against weeds making inroads in an otherwise great looking lawn.

Water is Important

Water is also important. In large lawns, it can be difficult and expensive. Unless you have an underground sprinkler system to water your lawn regularly. Making sure that your lawn gets regular watering will keep it looking green all year round. If you cannot water the lawn regularly, let your lawn grow a bit longer to help conserve moisture in the ground.  If your lawn turns brown, do not despair.

As long as your lawn gets some rain, it will simply enter a dormant stage. Then return once it rains or is watered. Your lawn care specialist should be discussing these options with you. Not just automatically applying fertilizer or cutting the lawn each week. The good ones care about your lawn. They just do not focus on providing the service whether it needs it or not. We have all probably seen a dried out lawn that has not grown much being cut by some guy who could care less about your lawn. Avoid this type and hire someone who genuinely wants to see a nice looking lawn.

It is even more important to add grass seed and top dressing in the spring when there is lots of moisture to promote a healthy lawn. This is the best time for new seedlings to grow, establish roots and help to thicken your lawn.

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