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Basic Lawn Care Requirements

Basic Lawn CareWhat are the basic lawn care requirements and how do you get your lawn looking like the one in the picture? This lawn is in perfect condition with no weeds and no bare patches or even thin patches. We all would like our lawns to look like this. It is actually not that hard if you follow basic lawn care guidelines and devote a few hours a week to keep it in that condition once it is in the condition you want it. One of our neighbors has let their lawn get into bad shape, however in the last year he is making efforts to bring it back and is making good progress. His lawn was full of weeds and was losing the battle to dandelions and other weeds. What did he do to bring it back?

Basic Lawn Care Requirements – Improving your Lawn

The first thing he did was to actually begin cutting it on a regular basis. He had let it get long between cuttings which gives the weeds a chance to really grow and especially the dandelions. Secondly he applied some weed control which killed most of the weeds. Thirdly he went over his lawn and pulled out any weeds he saw by hand. this was a lot of work, but once completed, the weekly review and weeds to pull out became less over the weeks.

Next he spread lawn seed over the lawn to thicken it up and then dressed it with topsoil to give the lawn some needed nutrients. Finally he added fertilizer that would not hurt the new seedlings that were beginning to grow. Over the month and half that this took, his lawn was transformed from a weed-filled lawn to something that looks pretty good. It will only get better as time goes on and he continues to pay attention to his lawn. Note that you cannot ever ignore your lawn if you want it to look great. Once it is in great shape, you still need to regularly apply fertilizer, deal with weeds that find their way into your lawn and cut the lawn at regular intervals.

Summary – Basic Lawn Care Requirements

  • Mow your lawn on a regular basis before the lawn gets too long
  • Deal with the weeds and use a weed killer
  • Pull out any weeds that remain by the root
  • Add fertilizer to your lawn based on the time of year
  • Add lawn seed to thicken your lawn
  • Apply top Dressing to cover the lawn seed

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