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Lawn Care and Maintenance ServicesNot every consumers has time for Lawn Care and Maintenance  that can be completed by a professional Lawn Care and Maintenance Services company. The cost can be higher than perhaps you want it to be. However at the end of the day you either have the time to do it yourself and the energy to do it yourself. Or you hire someone to look after your lawn and shrubs. A lawn and garden like the one shown in the picture looks really great when it is properly looked after each and every week. If you let it go, it does not take very long before the weeds creep in. The grass gets thinner and the shrubs are overgrown.

Sticking with the program will ensure that your lawn always looks great. A neighbor of mine gets easily overwhelmed by a lot of work. He just cannot see the forest for the trees as the saying goes. As a result he does nothing and his lawn has deteriorated. In our opinion this is another situation where he should just hire someone to maintain his lawn for him. They would keep it the way he really would like it to look.

What is Included in Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

Obviously cutting the lawn is important. At least once per week so that no more than 1/3 is cut off the stem at a time. Regular fertilizer aimed at the time of year that your grass needs the most help with. For example in the spring, growth is encouraged. While in the fall root development is important to ensure that your grass will last through the winter.

Applying weed treatment when needed will keep the weeds at bay. Also making sure not infestation of bugs gets the better of your grass as well is also important. Next it is important to trim the edges of the grass along walkways and gardens to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

You will be responsible for water in most cases. Home owners need to make sure that the lawn is given a good watering at least once a week if not more often if you are in dry conditions. You will have to monitor the rain fall and water accordingly.

From time to time, your lawn care company may suggest de-thatching of your lawn to remove the old dead grass that has accumulated in the lawn. This allows the lawn to breathe and provides room to grow. It also means that evaporation will take place more quickly. Check the moisture levels of your lawn after de-thatching.

The lawn care maintenance team should also make sure that the blades on the lawn mower are always sharp. The blades of grass are cut rather than torn. This provides a much better look to the grass and it is also healthier for your grass as well.

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