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Landscaping Lawn CareOne of the considerations consumers may want to take into account when they hire someone to provide landscaping lawn care services is what chemicals they use and whether these chemicals are harmful to the environment as well as to humans. In some cases fertilizer is applied that contains weed killer. In others weed killer is applied in a liquid form. For both situations, consumers should keep their pets inside. Also their children as well as themselves off the lawn for a few days and perhaps even until it has rained or you have given your lawn a thorough watering.

At the minimum you want the weed killer diluted. Best of all to be absorbed into the ground where it will do it’s job dealing with any weeds that are in your lawn. If a heavy rain is forecast you may want to delay applying weed care to avoid the pesticide being washed away into the sewers etc. The ideal for most fertilizer and weed killer is to have a gentle rain. It will wash the material into the lawn where it can do the most good.

Landscaping Lawn Care – Read the Instructions When Applying Chemicals

Always read the instructions and follow them perfectly. If they say to wear gloves, then wear gloves, etc. This stuff can cause all kinds of damage to yourself as well as to children and pets. If they should get some on their skin or somehow ingest it they may get quite sick. Keep everyone off the lawn for several days to protect them from any chance of being poisoned. In addition, wash whatever tools you are using e.g. spreaders when you are finished. Remove all traces of chemicals from the spreader. Do this on the lawn and not the driveway. You might as well have any traces of chemicals watered into the lawn rather than run down your driveway.

Landscaping Lawn Care – Your Contract

Some people will combine contracts for upkeep of their landscaping as well as lawn care. Consumers should be able to save some money when they combine services. For example if they have both the lawn care and the landscaping updates and ongoing landscape care. This would include trimming, fertilizer, raking leaves, etc in addition to the regular lawn care activities. You may even have to have your shrubs etc sprayed to protect them from bugs etc that can cause them to be sickly looking.

Always have everything included in the contract. Make sure everything is clearly specified so that there is no misunderstanding of any kind. You can always update and/or change the contract in the future to make it more clear or to add or subtract items of activity that you no longer need. However, the time to clarify everything is before you sign a contract and commit or at the time of renewal of the contract.

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