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Lawn Care SignsAs a consumer do you really want to have lawn care signs dotting your lawn? Typically lawn care companies want to advertise their services. One of the ways they do this is to place small lawn care signs on the lawn at corners etc. They attract people passing by. Usually, there is a phone number, web site address, etc for potential customers to obtain their information.  Would you be willing to allow your lawn care company to place signs on your lawn? Snow removal companies do the same thing, but at least they have an excuse. The signs are used to indicate the edge of the driveway so that they do not damage your lawn on the side of the driveway.

Lawn Care Signs

This writer is not actually in favor of allowing lawn care signs on our own lawn. Perhaps for the first time, it would be alright, but after a few days, it is definitely coming down. The other time it may be ok and in fact you need to place signs, is when you apply weed control. Then it is mandatory to let people know that they should not be on your lawn after weed control is applied. You want to make sure that children and pets are kept off the lawn.

Most weed control applications are ok after a few days or after the rain has washed all of the weed control material into the ground. The next time you cut the lawn, the signs can be removed. Another situation is when you are applying weed control on your own and not using a lawn care company. You really should put some sort of signage up. Make ensure that kids and adults are protected from coming in contact with the weed control material.

Lawn care signs are definitely not for everyone. We would just as soon not allow them on our own lawn unless weed control is applied. Then a combination of advertising and warning of weed application is probably ok. Commercial applications on commercial properties are a different matter. In this case, the owner may not care or if the lawn is in great shape, they may be proud of their lawn and allow the signs.


Sometimes commercial companies will give a discount if you allow then to place their advertising on your lawn. A 5% discount might not be unreasonable for this service. Make sure that the sign remains on the lawn for a significant period of time or at least as long as the agreement specifies. This is a subcontract and both parties should get their value out of the deal. We have not tested this particular approach and would be interested if any homeowners were successful with this approach. Even a 10% discount would be interesting and worthwhile to allow signs on your lawn for a specified time frame.

Placing the sign at the edge of your property along the road or at one corner of your lot might also be ok. Your neighbor might object, however, if it is on your property he cannot really object to the Lawn Care Signs being in this location.

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