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Lawn mower start guide

Lawn mower start guideYour old lawn mower is not running very well and you suspect it is time to either get a new one or do some repairs yourself. Inexpensive lawn mowers can be purchased for less than $200. So consumers need to be careful regarding how much money they spend repairing these machines vs. just going out and buying a brand new one. If you worried about disposing of the old one, just leave at the end of the driveway. Someone will come along and pick it up, fix it and sell it to another consumer who is looking for an inexpensive lawn mower.

When the lawn mower is free and the labor is free, these lawn mowers are sold for pure profit. The real question is why can you not repair your own lawn mower. Or better yet keep it in tip-top shape so that it continues to run for years?

Lawn mower start guide – Steps

The following are the steps that you need to do in order to keep your lawn mower running in tip-top shape and that is why we call it the lawn mower start guide.

  • Change the oil once per year or every 50 hours of operation
  • Clean the spark plug every year or change it if it is deteriorating
  • Regap the spark plug each time you clean it or install a new one
  • Use fresh gasoline at all times
  • Use gasoline additives to keep the gas from gumming up the carb
  • Clean or replace the air filter each year or after 50 hours of cleaning
  • Keep the housing clean and remove debris from crevices to reduce metal fatigue

If you follow these steps routinely, there is a very good chance that your lawn mower will start easily every time. The most common problem for lawn mowers or any small engine not starting easily is poor maintenance. Also old gasoline, gasoline left in the tank for a long period of time and bad spark plugs.

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