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Small engine starting guide

Small engine starting guideThe guidelines for a small engine starting guide apply to lawn mower engines, to snow blower engines, to many small engines that are used for both landscaping as well as leisure activities. All of these engines are just miniature versions of the more common car engine. Although much less complex and therefore easier to maintain.

The basics are clean gasoline, fresh gasoline, regular oil changes. Also regular inspection of spark plugs, belts and other moving parts such as the wheels and drive shafts for self propelled models.  We compiled a list of items that should be considered as part of a small engine starting guide.

Small engine starting guide – Tips

If you want your small engine to always start easily, try to follow these tips to ensure that your engine is clean and always ready to start at a moments need.

  • Always use fresh clean gasoline
  • Treat the gasoline with a gasoline preservative
  • Change the oil at least once per year or after 50 hours of use
  • Clean the spark plug every year or after 50 hours of use
  • Check the gap on the spark plug and reset as needed
  • Check belts on all self propelled units, tighten as needed
  • Keep your engine clean and free of dust and oil buildup
  • Check wheels and tighten as needed

These tips are fairly easy for the average handy man to keep up with. However we urge anyone performing any of these maintenance steps on small engines to thoroughly read the manual first. Follow all safety precautions before starting any of the maintenance activities. Many people are hurt every year by failing to disengage the spark plug for example and accidentally starting the engine.

If in doubt, ask for help or take your small engine to an expert. Even though it will cost you some money, it may be better than being hurt seriously by an engine that starts accidentally. If the cost of maintenance and / or repairs is too much then sometimes it is better to just purchase a new lawn mower or other small engine that you need.


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