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Lawn Mower Features for Consumers

Lawn Mower Features for ConsumersThis is a pretty nice looking lawn mower, but do you really need these features, such as a grass catcher, self propelled, height adjusters etc? The lawn mower features for consumer applications have grown in the past few years. As both a writer and user of lawn mowers we were wondering just what we really needed. In case you are wondering the writer has used a lawn mower for over 35 years. He has used many different machines. Based on this experience we have an opinion regarding what is useful and those that are interesting to have. What are the most useful Lawn Mower Features for Consumers

For example I would never again use a grass catcher. It is just more work. You have to dump the bag and then dispose of the grass either in a garbage bag or somehow figure out how to use the cut grass. For my money and time, I would prefer to just use a grass mulcher on my lawn mower. The grass needs to be cut a little more often to ensure the cuttings are nice and short and will disintegrate more quickly.

Lawn Mower Features for Consumers – Height Adjustment

Height adjustment is useful and needed, however, the number of times you adjust the height of your lawn mower is maybe twice a year. Once in the fall to cut your lawn short for winter and in the spring to bring it back to the regular height. Even lawn mowers with individual wheel adjusters are ok, however, you can pay more money if you want, for control that adjusts all four wheels at the same time.

The big feature that we like is self propelled lawn mowers, but there are some specifics that you need to consider. For example, the front wheels should be the powered wheels so that it is easy to change direction and speed simply by pressing down on the lawn mower handles. Also the speed should be adjustable on the fly so that you can adjust the speed to your walking style, grass conditions etc.

If you really want to be able to pick up the grass clippings, purchase a lawn mower with both options so that you can convert from one mode to another. Most will also have a side discharge capability as well for situations where bagging the grass clippings and mulching are not the needed options.

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