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Popular Lawn Mower Features

Popular Lawn Mower FeaturesLawn mowers have made great advances in the last few years with lots of options and changes that appeal to consumers. Some are quite useful, while some are conveniences and nice to have features. Most people have been using a lawn mower for some time. As a result you already have some idea of the popular lawn mower features that you prefer. If this is your first then you may be attracted to some of the features. But think twice about these items since they can add cost to your lawn mower. Having owned and operated  a lawn mower for over 35 years, the writer has a good idea of the features that he prefers.

Popular Lawn Mower Features – Must Have’s

There are two features that are at the top of the list for this writer. The first one is that the lawn mower must be self propelled. After years of pushing a lawn mower up and down small berms, using a self propelled unit is a dream. There are various self propelled units, some with fixed speed and others with variable speed controls. We suggest that the variable speed units are probably the preferred unit. You can adjust the speed of the mower to your own walking style or the conditions that you are dealing with. My own unit is a fixed speed unit. I adjust the speed by adjusting the pressure on the bar that controls the clutch. This is a belt and pulley arrangement so friction on the belt works quite well.

The second option that we find really valuable is the ability to mulch grass cuttings. I no longer have to bag the grass cuttings or rake them and bag them. The grass cuttings go right back into the lawn as nutrients and there is very little work. The only issue that readers should be aware of, is that you really should cut the lawn a little more often to ensure that the mulcher on your lawn mower works well.


Features such as electric starting, brake clutch to stop the blade spinning, steering mechanisms, etc are nice to have, but not really worth the money.

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