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Lawn Care TreatmentWe all want to have that perfect lawn like the one shown in the picture. A manicured golf fairway of grass that is lush and green, even, with no dry spots and NO weeds. It can take a lot of work to get a lawn to look like this so many people will turn to a lawn care treatment company to look after the lawn for them. This may even include mowing the lawn once or twice a week as well. Lawns also take a lot of water to keep them looking great. However, there are ways to minimize the amount of water that is used as well and keep the weeds down.

Weeds seem to survive regardless of how much water or rain is applied. You need to stay ahead of the weeds as well. We have listed some of the services you may want to consider when hiring a lawn care treatment company to look after your lawn. These are the best ways to have a great lawn.

Lawn Care Treatment-  services can include:

  • Mowing the lawn the specified number of times per week
  • Trimming the edge of the lawn along gardens, walkways, fences, and driveways
  • Applying appropriate fertilizer at least 4 times per year
  • Applying weed killer either on a spot basis or on a broadcast basis as needed
  • Clearing debris from the lawn such as leaves in the fall
  • Applying specialized applications of chemicals such as grub killer as needed
  • Preparing recommendations for improvements to your lawn including watering

While all of these steps will relieve you of a great deal of work and your lawn will certainly improve there are additional steps to be taken and decisions that you will need to make in conjunction with the lawn care company.

For instance, most lawn care companies will recommend that the lawn be watered once each week to a level of one inch of water to ensure that the roots penetrate deeply and that the fertilizer is absorbed. Deep roots will help a lawn survive dry periods better and to block out weeds that may be trying to grow amongst the grass.  In addition, if your lawn care treatment company is also mowing the lawn for you they should be setting their lawnmowers higher to allow the grass to grow longer during dry periods as well. Longer grass prevents the grass from drying out, protects and shades the roots to prevent evaporation of moisture from around the roots. During periods where there is lots of rain, the lawn can be cut lower.

Weeds are a Big Problem for Many Home Owners

Application of weed killer will deal with most weeds; however in Canada for example there is a ban on some pesticides used to deal with weeds in lawns. As a result, the weeds are taking over. Unless homeowners get out there and pull the weeds your lawn is going to suffer. Fortunately, you can still go to the US and purchase all of the weed killer that is needed.

If you do not live close to the border or prefer to not purchase weed killer with the appropriate pesticide there are alternatives. The alternative is to keep your lawn really healthy and to manually pull the weeds. A healthy lawn will prevent a lot of weed seedlings from getting started. Those that do can be manually pulled using an appropriate tool.  The lawn in the picture would probably take an hour each week of manual checking and pulling. While many smaller urban lawns would only take a few minutes each week to identify and pull the weeds.

You may also hire someone to do this work for you. Particularly if you have a large lot or just do not have the time to deal with the lawn. Always have a contract with the lawn care treatment companies that you hire that lays out exactly the services they will provide, the time frames for each service, and of course the cost. Examine and discuss the fertilizer that they will be using and specify how often the lawn will be mowed and the edges trimmed to ensure that you obtain exactly the services that you wish to have. Anything left to assumptions can sometimes disappoint you and cause frustration. Make sure everything is clear before you sign on the dotted line.

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  1. this is a really great post. I will use this information later this year when I hire my landscaper to make sure that he does everything I need him to do.

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