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Organic Lawn Care ServiceOrganic lawn care service pretty much means no pesticides are going to be used on your lawn. Some companies will not even use fertilizer made from chemicals. Instead they will use organic fertilizer that is made from organic materials and spread on your lawn. Is organic lawn care service effective? The answer is yes it can be. However consumers should be aware that more work is going to be required to keep your lawn looking great. The lawn in this picture is obviously in great shape, nice and green, but not thick or lush. It is so large that it is not practical to water this lawn which could also be very costly. Consumers with lawns such as this one will need to take steps to protect the lawn during fry periods.

For example when rain is not forcasted for several weeks, your lawn will go into a dormant phase to protect itself. Ensuring that the grass is left an inch longer will provide more shade for the roots. It will also delay the drying out of the ground and the roots longer. Longer roots will also help the lawn survive dry periods as well. Application of fertilizer that promotes root growth will certainly help a lawn like this survive the dry periods.

Weed Control with Organic Lawn Care Service

Weeds will be a big problem for lawns that are using an organic approach to lawn management. The only real defense is a lush thick lawn that provides little room for weeds to take hold and grow. You will still find weeds and these should be pulled manually. Pulling weeds is not a fun task, however for smaller lawns a few minutes each week spent pulling weeds will help to keep them under control and avoid weeds taking over your lawn.

Organic fertilizer can be applied to promote growth of your grass which will also help the weeds to grow as well. Sowing grass seed and applying a thin covering of black earth in the spring will help to promote a thicker lawn which will also help to control the weeds and deliver a beautiful lawn.

There is no doubt that by avoiding the use of pesticides means more work for home owners; however it also protects the environment and the animals in the fields and streams around your area, not to mention your kids that play on the lawn. Pesticides have been known to cause cancer and other problems especially in young animals and children. What is a little bit of extra work when you can protect your family and those around you?

Interview Organic Lawn Care Service Companies

A contract with one of these companies is no different from any other contract. List all services that they will provide. Include the timing of these services. For example, when will they be provided and how often and of course the price. Pay attention to how they will control weeds. What activities that you the consumer must follow to ensure that you have a healthy lawn and control the weeds. Many companies will provide some of the services. But they expect the customer to water the grass at appropriate times. Also to pull weeds and to mow the lawn at the appropriate height for the conditions that exist. This is part of the contract between you, the organic lawn care service and your lawn if you want to have a healthy rich looking lawn.

If you are expecting to just turn the lawn over to the organic lawn care service, take the time to understand exactly what they will be doing and how they will maintain the lawn in the manner that you are expecting.


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  1. i am trying to follow an organic approach to looking after our lawn and frankly it is hard work and takes a lot more time to avoid using pesticides and fertilizers

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