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Lawn Care Maintenance ServiceMany consumers use some kind of lawn care maintenance service, while others do everything themselves. There are also various levels of lawn care as well that customers can consider for their lawn. Lawn care companies will offer a full-service maintenance package. As well as packages that split the work between the homeowner and the lawn care maintenance company. There are a lot of services that can be included. It really depends on price as well as how much the homeowner wants to take on themselves. The list that follows is a complete list that homeowners can consider. Although not all companies offer all of these services. Consumers will have to choose the one that meets their needs.

Typical Services

The following is a list of services that can be considered:

  • Edging around all garden areas with a lawn edge trimmer
  • Cutting the lawn
  • Bagging the grass clippings or mulching the lawn clippings
  • Fertilize the lawn at least 4 times per year
  • Application of pesticides for weed control if allowed in your area
  • Removal of weeds by hand
  • Aerate your lawn once per year
  • Watering the lawn
  • Overseeding the lawn
  • Spreading topsoil on the lawn in the fall or spring
  • Checking the lawn for PH level and adding lime if needed
  • Pest control e.g grubs
  • Crabgrass control in the spring
  • Dethatching the lawn once every couple of years

Most lawn care maintenance service companies will do all of these services. The exception will be watering the lawn since this takes a great deal of time. Some consumers will install automatic watering systems. They can be programmed to water the lawn at specified times during the day.

In addition, some companies specialize in fertilizer and pest control applications, leaving the actual grass cutting and edging, etc up to lawn care landscaping companies. You will see these companies going around with their trucks spraying the lawns with liquid fertilizer up to as many as 4 times per year which ensures that the lawn always is fed at the right time with the correct mix of fertilizer.

Lawn Care Maintenance Service & Landscaping Companies

If you also have a lot of gardens and shrubbery, you probably already know that these also require constant care and maintenance. They need to be fertilized and trimmed every year to ensure that they stay healthy and contribute to a beautiful looking yard. While we did not include this work activity in the above list, this work can be added to the contract that might be struck between you and the service company.

Your lawn and shrubs will always be at an optimum level this way with minimal work required by the homeowner if that is what is really desired. Many people do not mind cutting the grass once a week but prefer to leave all of the other work to the lawn care maintenance service companies. This can also be accommodated by most companies.

Contracts with Lawn Care Service Companies

We strongly urge consumers to ask for a simple written contract with any service company that spells out exactly what service will be performed, when it will be performed, and how often the work will be done for each service along with the price. Most companies are very reputable, but sometimes misunderstandings can occur and the best way to prevent this situation from occurring is to have it written down so that there is no confusion.

In fact all transactions should be handled in this manner to avoid any dispute or frustration on the part of the homeowner or the lawn care maintenance service company.

That’s all we have about lawn care maintenance service. Your next step is to decide what work you personally want to do and what work you would like to be completed for you.

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  1. I want my lawn to look like the one in the picture. but I am too lazy to do all of the work, so I guess I will have to hire a professional landscaper to look after my lawn.

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