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Professional Lawn Care ServicesWe did a little research about what lawn care services cost and found that the prices are all over the place and it really depends on what services you actually want, the size of your yard and even the time of the year. We will discuss each of these topics in a bot more detail. However, we recommend that you get a couple of quotes. Then obtain some recommendations or references before making a decision. In the end, it is really how satisfied you are with how your lawn looks. Are you proud of your lot and the way it looks on the street.

Lawn care services cost – Size of Your Yard

Size does matter. The cost of lawn care will depend on travel time. How much time they actually have to spend at your home looking after your lawn. A large lawn takes more time to cut and to trim. Lots of gardens and trees will also influence lawn cutting time due to more trimming. It will also impact the fall clean up of leaves and other debris. The first time your lawn is cut in the spring is also a factor. Especially if there is a lot of leaves, twigs and even garbage to remove. These are the sorts of reasons why your lawn may cost more than your neighbor’s lawn to maintain and care for. Take this into account when requesting quotes from various landscape companies.

Lawn care services cost – Services that You Require

Cutting your lawn, edging your lawn, removing debris, removing leaves in the fall, adding fertilizer at appropriate times and weed control are all typical services that may be needed. The size of your yard will also impact the total cost of all of these services. You may want to add shrub trimming, flower bed preparation etc to the overall services that are needed.

Ask for a quote for all of the services you may need and compare. Make sure that the comparisons are for the same services so that a valid comparison is completed. Also if you are considering doing some of your own work, have the quotes break out these costs so that you can make a decision in this area for lawn care services.

Lawn care services cost – Time of year

Even the time of year will make a difference in the cost of lawn care services. For example, the first time the lawn is mowed in the spring may take longer of leaves and twigs must first be removed before the lawn can be cut. If it happens to be a bit longer, mowing the lawn will also take longer as well.

In the fall there may be a lot of leaves that need to be removed and disposed of before the lawn can be cut. There may be a separate price for leaf removal especially if there are a lot of leaves that take several hours to remove.

Compare and select the company that will provide the best services at the best price!

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