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Lawn care maintenanceBasic lawn care maintenance can be pretty easy and straightforward as well as routine if done properly. You can of course pay someone to look after your lawn. They can do the basic maintenance, however, you’ll miss the satisfaction of doing it yourself. Also, the exercise that you get being outside working in your yard. We know lots of people who enjoy this type of work. They prefer to take their time to complete the lawn maintenance exactly in the manner they like. They also pay attention to the details. Here are some of the basics for having a great looking lawn that you will be proud of and your neighbors will envy.

Steps to Easy Lawn Care Maintenance

Cut the lawn once per week at a minimum, and whenever the lawn has grown by 1/2 inch. This is the optimum time to cut your lawn. It will do the minimum amount of damage to your lawn and also if you’re using a mulching lawnmower, the blades of grass will be cut into tiny pieces and will disintegrate adding nitrogen to you a lawn. Always make sure that your lawn mowers blades are sharp so they cut the grass cleanly. A good practice is to have your blades sharpened at least once per year.

Fertilize at least four times per year. Fertilizer should be added in the spring, early summer, late summer, and early fall. Depending on the time of year you are adding fertilizer, you will want to use the proper mix of fertilizer to ensure maximum growth of both the roots and the grass. Your local hardware store can provide advice regarding the type of fertilizer to use depending on the time of year that you are applying fertilizer.

Apply Grass Seed

Apply grass seed and top-dressing in the spring to add additional nutrients to your lawn, as well as to thicken up your lawn . Make sure that your lawn receives adequate watering, especially if you are experiencing a dry period.

Water your lawn at least once per week providing a thorough soaking. If you’re getting sufficient rain, you will not need to add additional water. A thick lawn that is well maintained will prevent the grass from drying out as quickly as it would during dry periods and make lawn care maintenance that much easier. A thick lawn protects the roots and helps them dig deeper to find the nutrients and theĀ  moisture they need.

Pull weeds on a regular basis to avoid weeds taking over your lawn and
also to avoid having to use chemicals on your lawn. Many people use chemicals because it is easy. However it only takes about five minutes a week once you get your lawn in shape to deal with any weeds that you may have.

Summary – Lawn Care Maintenance

This is the basic level of maintenance that you must follow to ensure that you have a really great looking lawn. It will be the envy of your neighbors. Your wife and family will be happy as well with your efforts . They will certainly let you know if it is not in good shape. An hour or two a week is all it really takes to have a nice looking lawn. Your neighbors will also pick up on this and keep their lawns looking better as well. A great looking lawn will also increase the overall value of your home and make it much easierĀ  to sell when the time comes.

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