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Chemical Free Lawn CareIt is time to start thinking about our lawns and getting them ready for the season. Winter is almost over and our lawns need lots of attention first thing in the spring to make sure that they stay healthy and look fantastic throughout the spring summer and fall. Chemical free lawn care takes a little more work then using chemicals, however it is much better for the environment and it’s much better and safer for your family.

Chemical Free Lawn Care – Initial Considerations

Clear winter debris from your lawn as the first step to getting your lawn ready for the season. There may be leaves that have fallen from the trees over the winter. As well as branches from trees, and other debris that has been blown in by the wind over the winter season. When the lawn is dry you may want to give the lawn a light raking. Remove any thatch that is preventing the grass drying and protecting mold that could be just under the surface.

Complete repairs in many areas where the lawn has been hurt by Winterfrost. Or perhaps by animals that have made of your lawn a home over the winter. You will see these visible areas quite easily. They can be repaired by either placing new sod in large areas. Or spreading grass seed and topsoil in those areas that need to be reseeded.

Add grass seed and top-dressing to thicken your lawn. This will also provide additional nutrients for the existing grass. Use a rake to spread the topsoil on your lawn so that it does not become clumpy.

Chemical Free Lawn Care – Fertilizer

Fertilize with the proper kind of fertilizer that is suitable for spring environments. You will want to make sure that it is well spread so there is no chance of the fertilizer burning your lawn.

The chemical free lawns also means that you cannot use chemicals to kill any weeds that may be in your lawn. This is where the extra work comes in. Hand pick weeds making sure you get the roots, and make a habit of once each week going over your lawn. Pull out any weeds that you see. After a few weeks you will notice that there are less and less weeds to be concerned about.

Your lawn will be the envy of your neighbors, and you will have no weeds to be concerned about. While this may take a bit of work to get your lawn into top condition, once it is their routine maintenance takes only a few hours a week. Many people like to have someone do this work for them. But then think about the fresh air you are missing. The exercise and the satisfaction that you get from having a really great looking lawn.

Continuous daily care of your lawn will ensure that you have a healthy weed-free lawn. It only will take 10 minutes for the average homeowner every day to look after their lawn.

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