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Lawn care service prices

Lawn care service pricesAffordable Lawn care service prices really depend on the deal you can negotiate, the services that you require, the size and shape of your property, the number of shrubs and things to cut around, and the current condition of your lawn. Perhaps you and several other neighbors can band together. All of you could hire the same lawn care company. You may also be able to negotiate further discounts. Someone needs to take the leadership to enable savings from further negotiation.

Lawn care service prices depend on many variables.

Services- include cutting your lawn and trimming your lawn. Removing grass clippings, trimming shrubs, adding mulch around the shrubs, Trimming trees and shrubs, and other miscellaneous services that may be required. You may have several individual quotes for services that are required at different times of the year. Cutting your lawn may be part of one quote for weekly activities. Whereas fertilization and weed control might be part of another that is completed on a quarterly basis for example.

Size – smaller lawns take less time to complete whatever services that you require, however, travel and set up time are the same for all sizes of lawns, that is why if several neighbors can go together, you can sometimes negotiate a lower cost.

Materials – usually consist of weed control material, fertilizer, and mulch around shrubs and trees. Larger lawns will require more material than smaller ones. Applying mulch can take many bags depending on how thickly it is spread.

Frequency – healthy lawns, that are fertilized regularly and watered properly will grow faster than lawns that are not given the same treatment. Healthy lawns should be cut more often with no more than 1 inch of grass removed at any one time. This will keep the lawn looking healthy.

Overall time period

Depending on the location where you live, lawn care services can be for 12 months of the year or a very short season from May through to September. Take this into account when you are negotiating a lawn care contract.

Discounts – can be obtained using a number of different methods. For example if you have several neighbors agree to work with the same lawn care company, it reduces their overall cost and they will pass along a discount to you. Signing up early for a lawn care contracts in the season might also garner a discount. Using the same company for lawn care and snow removal might also give you a discount. Use your negotiating skills to negotiate the best deal that you can.

Consumers should comparison shop to find the best price. However, make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples in terms of services and materials. One company may have a much lower price. However if they are not providing the same services, you may not be obtaining what you are looking for in terms of lawn care.

Care must be taken to compare the same services etc. For example one company
may not be cut your lawn as often as another company that you’re comparing. They might only fertilize three times a year instead of four times. If you want your lawn trimmed at the edges, this is something to make sure that is included in the contract. A sign of an excellent lawn care company is one that clears the sidewalks and driveway of any lawn cutting debris after they are finished. You might pay more for this service but you will appreciate that everything looks great when they are finished.

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