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This post is about Lawn Care in Ottawa. The reason we decided to do a post about Lawn Care in  Ottawa is that we noticed last year when we passed through the city that Lawn Care Ottawathe place is just filled with dandelions and after some investigation found that the city does not allow pesticides to be used to kill the weeds. They claim that this is driven by environmental issues. However, I suspect that the city is saying we can save a lot of money by not spraying and killing off these dandelions.

The place is filled with them. As a result, homeowners seem to have given up as well on their lawns. It is a potential bonanza for lawn care specialists in Ottawa. However, it seems that many people just do not care enough or do not want to spend money on lawn care. It can be a bit frustrating to see all of those dandelion seeds floating through the air onto your lawn. You know that they are going to take root and grow. All it takes is a few minutes a week to remove the dandelions.

Lawn Care Ottawa can be Pretty Simple

It is actually not that hard to keep your lawn looking nice. Just spend a little time and follow some simple steps. Remember that a healthy lawn can fight weeds more easily if it is healthy and thick. We have seen some lawns that are obviously being taken care of by someone who cares and is doing it the right way. There are no dandelions in their lawns. Here are some simple steps to maintain a healthy lawn:

  • Fertilize four times per year
  • Water once per week when it is dry
  • Apply a bag of lawn seed once per year in the spring
  • Let your lawn grow longer during dry periods, one inch will do
  • Apply weed killer if allowed in your area
  • Pull weeds anytime you see one

The last point may be a pain for many people, however, if you go around once a week or once every two weeks and pull any weeds you see, you will be surprised at how little time it takes. Staying on top of this and not allowing the lawn to get to the stage that is shown in the picture will make your job easy. Once it gets to the stage that this lawn is in, it is a big job to dig out all of the dandelions. There is a lot, so you may want to use some sort of weak killer. Or just take a few hours and pull them yourself. Once it is done, it will only take 5 minutes once per week to maintain your lawn. Keep it in great condition in terms of weeds.

Companies in Ottawa

There are many lawn care companies in Ottawa and other locales. In my experience, they do a good job,. But they do not get the edges along sidewalks and fences and this is where the weeds get a foothold and make their way into your lawn. If you can afford it hire a lawn care company, otherwise spend the time to have a great lawn. Come on Ottawa, get out there and pull weeds. make your lawn healthy also improves the curb appeal of your home as well.

Well, that is about it for lawn care Ottawa. If you have comments that will be valuable for our readers we will be happy to approve them. Comments that have links will also be approved if the comment is helpful to our readers, otherwise, they will just be deleted.

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  1. better off to do it yourself and do the job right. they do not get the edges and they sometimes damage the shrubs etc when they spray. Now they cannot use pesticides either.

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