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Purely Organic Lawn Care

What is Purely Organic Lawn Care? We saw this term being used to advertise lawn care services and products and wondered what this really meant? It is also in line with the last few posts that we have written on this site about lawn care and how to have a really great lawn without having to use a lot of pesticides.

Well, it turns out that purely organic lawn care is really a system or set of steps that you follow that prohibits the use of pesticides and employs processes that really are aimed at helping your lawn fight the onset of weeds and to also stay healthy. We thought it would be useful to discuss some of these in the next series of posts since it is spring and this is the best time really to give your lawn a healthy start for the year. If you are not following a purely organic lawn care approach, consider how easy it is before you throw all of those chemicals on the lawn.

Purely Organic Lawn Care

In summary, what is Purely Organic Lawn Care? here is a list of things or steps that should provide you with one of the best healthy-looking lawns in the neighborhood:

  • Mow high grass mow high weeds
  • Lawnmower
  • Lawn care must do: water infrequently
  • Fertilizer:
  • Lawn care pH:
  • Weeds:
  • Lawn Care Enhancements:
  • Lawn Care Providers
    • What variety of grass should I plant?
    • My soil is more like dirt. How do I improve it?
    • How do I get rid of mushrooms?
    • My grass is all thin and dry looking, what is your advice on overseeding?

Over the next few posts, we will go into each of these in more detail and explain some of the reasoning behind each of these suggestions for following a purely organic lawn care approach. It may take a bit more care and work than it would achieve that golf green type lawn, but it will be worth it when you can claim that you are not using any pesticides on your lawn!

The main criteria to remember is that a healthy strong lawn will always make your job of a healthy lawn and achieving purely organic lawn care easy. A healthy lawn can compete with the weeds and also withstand dry periods much easier. Let’s look at this in more detail.

Mow high grass mow high weeds

There are lots of advantages to allowing your grass to grow higher. By high grass we, first of all, mean that you should set your lawn mower at its highest height to allow the grass to grow properly and for the roots to grow deeper as well. Longer grass provides more room for thatch to build up. This prevents moisture from evaporating around the base of the lawn and it also prevents the seeds of weeds from penetrating to the ground and taking root. those that do begin to grow must fight to gain the sunlight and mature. your lawn can compete very well in this condition.

Allow the grass to grow longer also causes the roots to grow deeper as well. As the ground dries out during a dry spell, the long roots will be able to access the water that is lower down in the earth. The weeds try to do the same thing, however, their best growing is at the top of the weed plant and when you cut these off with your lawnmower and also have thick grass, they have a very difficult time competing with the grass.

Why is it Important to Have longer Grass?

Longer grass blades have more to work with in terms of photosynthesis. using sunlight and water from the roots they can produce the essential nutrients that are needed for strong root growth. Short grass means short roots, while long grass means long roots and a healthy lawn.

In our next post, we will talk about how often you should water your lawn and the impact you have when you water often for a short time vs. watering for a long time once a week. Your comments are welcome and any hints regarding looking after lawns are welcome, especially those of you who enjoy a purely organic lawn care approach.

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  1. this sounds like way too much work to keep an organic lawn. why can’t we just use weed and feed. i am not doing anything to my lawn in protest

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