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 Lawn CareOur site has been pretty focused on lawn mower reviews for the past year and we thought that since the spring is coming, it is timely to do a few posts about lawn care and how to get that golf green look! In our travels, we see many lawns in various states of health. Some are pristine and it is obvious that the owners take great care of their lawns. They want a great looking lawn that looks fantastic and that adds to the beauty of their home. A great looking lawn also adds to the curb appeal of the home.

Curb appeal for those of you who may not be aware of is that first impression you get when you come to a home for the first time.  A healthy green lawn adds to the curb appeal and creates a positive impression for anyone visiting.

On the other end of the scale, we have all seen them. The lawns that have never been cared for, often full of weeds and really looking bad. In the dry summer months, the only thing that is green is the weeds that are growing on the lawn. The grass has wilted and gone into hibernation until the next rain comes along. The owners certainly do not water the lawns at all. It is unfortunate, but these people make it difficult for everyone else in the neighborhood. The seeds from these weeds blow to our lawns as well. What is surprising is that it really does not take much effort to maintain a good looking lawn.

Simple Lawn Care Steps to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

  • Fertilize four times a year
  • Water once per week
  • Apply weed killer several times a year
  • Pull all weeds that you see so they cannot get started
  • Cut your lawn at regular intervals so that no more than 1 inch is cut at a time

Lawn Care the Easy Way

Many people just do not want to put in the effort to have a great lawn. Some do not want to spend the money and we will deal with it in a later paragraph. Lawn care can be really simple.  A healthy lawn can be maintained by simply making sure that the lawn is watered regularly and that the weeds are killed off. Hire a lawn care company that comes at regular intervals to spray your lawn and kill off the weeds. Add a bag of grass seed in the spring.

Although you will not have a perfect lawn, your lawn will be at the 95% level. It gets expensive and time-consuming to get to that last 5%, but at least you have a healthy lawn. A healthy lawn will help to keep the weeds down since they cannot get started if there is lots of strong healthy grass. Cut the lawn on regular intervals and fertilize 4 times a year. You can do these last steps yourself or you can hire a lawn care company to do all of this for you.

Lawn Care Doing It Yourself

If you do not have the money or just prefer to do your own lawn care, it is not that hard and does not take that much time. We listed the main steps above that a person should follow to enable a beautiful lawn. It is as simple as that. During the dry summer months, allow your lawn to grow a bit longer so that the lawn insulates the soil and prevents moisture from evaporating quickly. You can easily do this by raising the height of your lawnmower by an inch to allow the grass to grow longer. lower it again in the fall when it is cooler and more rain usually falls.

Another step that I follow in addition to the above that we mentioned at the beginning of the post is to go around and dig out any weeds you see. I try to go around once every two weeks and using a wide blade dig out the weeds I see by the root. It only takes about 5 minutes and it prevents these weeds from getting established and killing the grass around them. We have a lot of dandelions in our area and they have wide leaves, long roots that go deep and they seem to thrive even in the driest conditions. Dig these out at regular intervals to maintain your lawn and prevent them from taking over!

Comments are welcome. Comments that are aimed at lawn care and provide ideas about maintaining a great lawn are accepted even with a link back to your site. All other comments will be deleted. We want comments that our readers will find helpful.


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  1. my lawn is not perfect, but it looks pretty good. I fertilize 4 times a year, cut it every 4 days and go around to pull the weeds once a week. We are not allowed to use many chemicals in our city, so that is the only choice we have.

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