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Fall Lawn Care Steps

Fall Lawn Care stepsLooking after your lawn and having a healthy great looking lawn can be so easy if you follow the following fall lawn care steps. This post is focused on the fall lawn care to enable a great looking lawn for the following year and is considered an important part of the annual lawn care that every consumer should follow.

Fall Lawn Care Steps

Step 1 – remove all debris from the lawn including leaves, twigs, and weeds to reduce the mold that forms from rotting leaves. this step also allows the lawn to breathe and grow in the spring.

Step 2 – during the fall you can cut your lawn a bit lower than normal since the cooler temperatures will not hurt your lawn and also reduces the amount of evaporation. The reason you want shorter grass for the fall and winter is to avoid providing a home for small rodents that may live in your yard.

Step 3 – In late September or early October, apply a fertilizer that promotes root growth so that the roots of your grass extend deeply into the soil. This will help your grass survive over winter and give it a strong start in the spring.

These are three easy steps to preparing your lawn for the winter which just about any consumer can follow. It is not expensive and by raking leaves etc you also get some exercise.

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