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Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Tips for Fall Lawn CareOne of the best ways to ensure a great looking lawn year after year is to properly prepare your lawn in the fall. If your lawn gets through the winter in good condition, then it will look great all year round. What do you need to do to prepare your lawn for the fall. Here are several tips for fall lawn care. They will help to ensure a great looking lawn and also not break the bank. We are assuming that you the consumer will put in the effort to maintain your lawn to also help save money.

Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Add fertilizer to your lawn in late September or early October to promote root growth. Strong healthy roots that go deeply into the soil will make for healthier plants. This gives the grass a strong start in the spring. Your local hardware store can recommend the right fertilizer for this purpose.

Next make sure that all of the debris is removed from the lawn. Leaves, sticks, branches and weeds should be removed so that the grass has a chance to breathe and also avoid providing shelter for small rodents. By removing the leaves you also reduce the amount of mold that can form on the leaves and potentially damage the grass.

Now that it is cooler you can cut the grass a bit shorter. During the hot summer months you should have allowed the grass to grow a bit longer to reduce water evaporation from the soil and protect the roots from the hot sun. In the fall you can safely cut the grass a bot shorter which avoids leaving shelter for rodents such as mice and moles. They can create a lot of damage if given a chance.

That’s pretty much it in terms of tips for lawn care. It is pretty simple and yet you will have a really great looking lawn.


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